Tech Company Issues Court Summons Using An NFT

A tech company, RBB Lab, has issued a court summons to a former employee and contractor using an NFT. It accuses the two of trying to extort and defame the company. 

RBB Lab is a technology development firm based in San Mario. It’s the first to issue summonses in such a manner in Italy. According to Enrico Rubboli, RBB Lab CEO, the summons is an “order restriction.” The company wants the two to stop the campaign against them.

RBB chose to use an NFT as blockchain technology allows for the process to be more efficient. Otherwise, the traditional process can take weeks.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, Rubboli says:

“As a technology company, we want to push barriers in everything we do. This is an example where technology can facilitate and also improve a system that has been slow to adapt. Our goal is to find opportunities to improve our lives using technology. Unfortunately, the legal system has many examples of inefficiency where a lot can be done.”

As a technology company, RBB sees an opportunity to streamline an inefficient legal system. Therefore, the company is working closely with Annetta Rossi e Associati, a law firm based in Florence, Italy. The goal is to develop a set of tools that will help improve the legal field. These include blockchain-based legal products that can aid lawyers and law students, as well.

As exciting as this is, it’s not the first incident of NFT summons. In the recent past, two courts, one in the UK and the other in the USA, allowed the use of NFTs to serve the summons. It’s a move that paves the way for mass adoption by other courts.

And there are perks to using NFTs for a court summons. Rubboli notes, “Through traditional means, the delivery of a summons can be quite difficult. When delivering a summons, it should be sent out and delivered as soon as possible and as efficiently as possible.”

Before Adding:

“At the moment, it’s extremely complicated and prone to error due to delivery time and cost to find certain individuals—especially if they are anonymous. NFTs are the way to go because it’s reducing and automating the steps which as you know make fewer errors when done responsibly. Just a single error can be used by the counterparty to postpone court, and that of course could create an entire slew of new issues. So, efficiency is extremely important here.”


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