RIO-X: Survival Game Staged in Brazil Launches First NFT Collection

The magical city of Rio de Janeiro is the scenario and inspiration for RIO-X (Raised In Oblivion X), a multiplayer blockchain-based survival FPS game that is set to revolutionize the gaming industry.

Envisioned and developed by First Phoenix Studio, a Brazilian video game company, RIO-X is bridging the gap between the web2 and web3 gaming markets, by developing a game that has a great focus on the storyline and visuals.

We believe that any game, regardless if it’s web2 or web3, must be fun to play and engaging. That’s always been and always will be our number one priority. Some blockchain games had a short life span because they missed the gaming qualities, to focus on the earning part, and that’s one thing we are avoiding. The earning is just a fortunate consequence of enjoying the game experience”, indicates Jhoniker Bráulio, CEO of the game studio behind the game.

Anyone that has ever visited or lived in Rio de Janeiro will immediately recognize the place where RIO-X’s action unfolds, as the team is depicting real-life buildings and details in the game scenario.

The plot is also one not to be overlooked: an infectious disease starts spreading in the city making people affected by it get unconsciously aggressive and start attacking others, so the government builds walls around the slums of Vidigal and Rocinha to avoid contagion. Players are locked behind these walls and need to explore the map and look for supplies, while fighting other players and the infected.

But RIO-X aims to be more than a blockchain game. The team is creating an ecosystem where different metaverses can be merged — a connection point for multiple projects and brands.

Jhoniker Braúlio affirms that “building healthy relationships with other projects and promoting each other brings advantages to everyone, so we are taking a step forward to bring multiple web3 communities closer together. We have the possibility to integrate and promote other projects and brands in the game, creating interoperability and adding utility and value to others.” This means that owners of PFP NFTs or brands can have their images portrayed in the game in many different ways. From outdoors to weapon tags and pendants, graffiti to mark territories, dog tags or even stores — the possibilities are endless, and RIO-X’s team is currently closing multiple partnerships. 

RIO-X’s will launch at the beginning of 2023, and the game studio is now preparing for their first NFT sale — an exclusive collection of characters titled “A Rebelião dos Crias” (“The Crias Rebellion”) that allows players to convert their winnings of in-game assets into RIO-X token, creating a true survive and earn experience.

Holders of NFT characters from RIO-X’s first collection will also have unique benefits, such as getting a free weapon skin, pre-access to the beta version or a guaranteed spot in future sales.

All details about the sale can be found at:

About RIO-X

RIO-X is a survive and earn game staged in the slums of a post-apocalyptical Rio de Janeiro. Immersing themselves in a realistic FPS experience, players are challenged to survive by collecting items throughout the map and fighting the infected.

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