Web3 Community Excited Following Porsche NFT Collection Announcement

Web3 proponents are buzzing following the announcement of the Porsche NFT collection. The automaker is the latest reputable company to jump on the NFT bandwagon. Porsche is following in the footsteps of other top brands like Nike, Gucci, and Coca-Cola that seek to complement their physical offerings with digital equivalents.

According to a company statement seen on November 29, the first Porsche NFT collection will feature 7,500 pieces. They will be based on the classic Porsche 911 and are set to debut in January 2023. To help with the design, Porsche has employed the services of Patrick Vogel, a 3D artist based in Hamburg.

<em>Credit Porsche<em>

Vogel will play a crucial role in the project as he will tailor each NFT to the taste of the owner. This means once you purchase the NFT, you will have a say in its shape and design. Specifically, you will be able to select a “route” for your NFT. Also, you will be able to dictate its performance, lifestyle, and heritage.

The Porsche NFTs will be designed using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 leaving open the possibility of gaming integration in the future.

<em>911 Carrera 4S Dream Big by Chris Labrooy Pérez Art Museum Miami 2022<em>

What Does The Automaker Hope To Accomplish With Its Porsche NFT Collection?

By launching its own NFT collection, Porsche hopes to expand the appeal of its luxury sports cars through digital collectibles. And by allowing NFT owners to have a say in their designs, this cultivates more investment and excitement.

Moving forward, the company plans to integrate blockchain technology into its existing and future processes.