SuperOne partners with Footballco and FIFPRO to shape the future of gamified fandom

SuperOne, a fandom metaverse for sports and entertainment, has announced partnerships with Footballco and FIFPRO. 

Footballco, a leading football media company, and SuperOne will bring their collective expertise together to promote and spread awareness of SuperOne. While the partnership with FIFPRO, a global football players union, will facilitate licensing game content. It will also empower players’ value creation in the digital economy. 

Commenting on the partnership, Andreas Christensen, the tech owner and founder of SuperOne, said, “Footballco and FIFPRO represent the two most prominent avenues to achieve mass adoption in the football gaming industry. This trinity of football collaboration will disrupt the gaming industry, and we are humble, yet proud, of this achievement.

SuperOne develops a unique trivia battle game to allow football fans to share their common interests regarding their favorite sports category and discover new ways to prove their fanship. The company will first release a battle royale game. Fans will compete with each other to be the last one standing and earn prizes.  

SuperOne will benefit from Footballco’s global scale.

The football-centric content and media company Footballco reaches 640 million football fans and generates over a billion video views per month. Its brand portfolio includes Goal, Kooora, and Mundial. SuperOne teamed up with the football media company in its launch campaign, where it will be the exclusive and presenting partner of the fan-voted player awards GOAL50. 

Andy Jackson, Footballco’s VP of Global Football Partnership, noted, “We are delighted to work with SuperOne to help launch their exciting offering to football fans worldwide. We share a common goal of providing football fans with memorable and rewarding digital experiences.

Credit: SuperOne

Shared passion for defending the rights of pro players 

FIFPRO is a worldwide organization that defends the rights of professional players by representing them internationally. It also strives to improve their working environments and overall well-being from the beginning of their careers till the end. To this end, FIFPRO collaborates with national unions of footballers and offers comprehensive packages for the digital entertainment sector. Currently, it represents over 65,000 professional players.

Andrew Orsatti, FIFPRO’s Commercial Director, said in a statement, “We’re pleased to welcome SuperOne to the FIFPRO family in an innovative partnership that champions the rights of professional players worldwide. We’ve combined the passion of football fans with brain-twisting trivia, in a blood-pumping race against the clock, with great prizes on offer. It’s an ideal companion in between watching all the drama of the World Cup in Qatar.”

SuperOne – the trivia battle game and fandom metaverse

Founded in 2019 by Andreas Christensen, SuperOne has development labs in Norway, India, and Indonesia with over 60 team members. 

The company is the developer of a fandom trivia battle to engage billions of sports and entertainment fans worldwide. The ultimate aim is to build a gamified community where fans can connect and share their sports passion. 

Furthermore, SuperOne envisions a fandom metaverse. For this purpose, it will deploy a three-component business model with Super as the native currency, NFT cards that function as in-game assets, and Spaces that represent ad spaces natively embedded in the gameplay.  

The fandom metaverse will revolve around the trivia battle game, which is based on a swipe-to-earn model. The game library includes 150,000 NFT cards depicting important figures from sports and entertainment. The gamers will be able to play their favorite sports category by answering questions relating to these figures. The gameplay is built around Pass or Freeze mechanisms that reward players with 5% staking fees. Players can collect cards for additional rewards. 

Another feature will be brand collaborations that offer gamers free-to-play experiences by viewing ads through Spaces. Moreover, premium features will allow real-time micro-transactions for rewarding fans and attracting influencers and creators. The sports brands will be able to onboard fans and create fandoms in the fan arena. 


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