QuickSwap and VersaGames Unveil Polygon Gaming Hub

QuickSwap Gaming Hub is the new destination for Polygon gamers, created by QuickSwap and Versa Games. 

The gaming hub offers 192 games for gamers to peruse and enjoy, including notable titles like ‘Sunflower Land’, ‘Phantom Galaxies’, ‘Aavegotchi’, and ‘Sky Weaver’.

Of the 192 games currently on the QuickSwap Gaming Hub, 41 of those are free to play and require no investment. 

In fact, QuickSwap and VersaGames have been quick to distance themselves from the financial aspect of gaming, with their focus, instead, on ownership.

Taking back control

VersaGames representative Bart Verdonk explained the intrinsic benefits of Web3 gaming, which, for him, is all about empowering the player. 

In Web3 gaming, players have the ability to sell their assets on the open marketplace, and earn money from their time and effort spent playing the game. 

Verdonk said: “If I could go back to my World of Warcraft (WoW) days and regain all the hours and time spent in WoW, by selling my account legitimately, then it would be so empowering because I already had so much fun playing the game.”

“For me, Web3 gaming and digital ownership actually is taking away the product from me by not being the product, but owning the product. So all the time spent playing the game, in my characters, in purchases, it’s now for me to sell. I can sell my character, I can sell parts of my character. I can sell multiple characters, or I can sell my entire account. It’s up to me.”

Untapped ground

Polygon is one of the leading blockchains for Web3 gaming and QuickSwap Gaming Hub showcases its vast array of gaming options. 

In these games, players can play to own, and build or create assets which have intrinsic value. 

As a result, Web3 gamers are now in a unique position, as true owners, who can trade or sell their assets to their fellow gamers. 

Verdonk continued: “For me, by far, the biggest asset for Web3 gaming is not being the product anymore, but owning the product which I can sell if I want.”

“That’s the whole thing for me and Web3 gaming. It’s completely different from Web2 gaming. If I compare it with Facebook and Instagram, on these platforms I am the product. The algorithm thinks of me and makes me feel important, but actually, I am the product.”

A ‘win win’ scenario

If Verdonk’s words are true, then gamers are certainly winning in this new era of Web3 gaming, but don’t the gaming studios lose out?

According to Verdonk, there is huge potential for gaming studios to also profit from the rise of player ownership, as he explained: “How about all the microtransactions? Your own private blockchain. Look at Gala Games, look at what Phantom Galaxies is building, and Animoca brands.” 

“You can create your own blockchain, earn on all the digital microtransactions going from game to game, but also earn royalties on NFTs you create as gamers at game studios and as developers. So there’s a lot we can still do with NFT gaming/Web3 gaming.” 

For more information on QuickSwap Gaming Hub, and to enjoy the new Web3 gaming facility, visit https://versagames.io/quickswap-gaming-hub.


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