Rhue Resorts To Offer Membership Through Golf NFTs

Rhue Resorts is set to offer club memberships through Golf NFTs. The move comes after the company took over Aspen Lakes, and began working on a new business model that caters to the crypto community.

With their new acquisition, Rhue intends to establish a flagship private luxury resort network. One where membership is paid for in NFTs.

Cindy Wyant, CEO of Rhue Resorts, describes the company as a new brand. One that boasts over 40 years of experience developing properties such as hotels, apartment complexes, indoor waterparks, and more.

When her company acquired Aspen, they sought to cater to people with crypto. Thus, they aimed to turn the course into the world’s first NFT golf resort. Speaking to the media, Wyant says, “It’s huge. There are a lot of people who are camping on a lot of crypto, but they don’t have a lot of options. You can buy or sell your crypto, and that’s about it.”

Why Golf NFTs?

NFTs are a relatively new phenomenon stemming from crypto innovation. They allow holders to claim ownership of digital or physical items, with the information securely stored on distributed ledgers. There is a wide range of use cases, as individuals are discovering with each passing day.

Asked why she chose to offer membership through NFTs, Wyant says, “I began to see the possibilities with real estate. So that’s why we chose this way to give people in that space the opportunity.”

That said, there are only 10,000 founding memberships for sale. Each member has lifetime access to all the amenities planned for Aspen Lakes and future properties. These memberships can be “rented out or sold on secondary markets” for extra income.

For this holiday season, there is a 50% off discount. And each membership is going for $10,000 in ETH.


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