Axie Infinity (AXS) Price Falls, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Presale Is Set To Break Records

The global economy took a massive blow during the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdowns were a blessing in disguise for the brilliant application of blockchain-based rewards in the gaming sector, which saw a rise in the popularity of play-to-earn games, most importantly Axie Infinity. Unfortunately, the hype was only short-lived.

Newer blockchain projects like Orbeon Protocol – currently in phase one of its presale – are already gaining popularity in comparison. Will newcomers like Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) surpass Axie Infinity in terms of popularity?


Axie Infinity Suffers Steady Decline

Axie Infinity is a Pokemon-inspired blockchain game that started out as one of the most popular blockchain games for active users. The Ethereum-based turn-based game allows players to breed, capture and battle with monstrous creatures called Axie.

Axie Infinity token (AXS) enjoyed a meteoric rise as hype around its game grew its fan and investor base. However, things started going south after the game’s economy took a hit from the $600 million Ronin hack. Within a few months, Axie Infinity lost more than 2 million active players, and AXS suffered an unprecedented price loss. The token is currently trading at $9, which compared to its all-time high price of $166 in November 2021, is about a 95% loss. Despite the downshift, its market capitalization stands at $875 million.

The Axie Infinity token has suffered a huge decline in value. Because user activity continues to decline removing any utility function left for the token, things are not looking pretty for the future of Axie Infinity. Therefore, it is advisable for investors to consider alternatives to AXS.


Orbeon Protocol – A Decentralized Platform for Crypto Crowdfunding

Boasting as one of the world’s first blockchain-based venture capital and crowdfunding platform. You’re wondering how and why Orbeon Protocol differs – the platform allows users to invest in vetted projects at their early stages via its NFTs-as-a-service. Through fractionalization of NFTs, Orbeon Protocol enables anybody to invest in a small fraction (as low as $1) of a business or startup project using equity-based NFTs.

Orbeon Protocol levels the playing field for people worldwide to have an equal opportunity to invest in projects with huge potential at their early stages. The crypto community will enjoy unparalleled asset and investment security via its ingenious Fill or Kill mechanism. This tamper-proof feature is programmed to protect user assets from rug pulls and scandalous projects.

Orbeon token (ORBN) is currently in its first presale phase with massive demand from investors. The token is the heart of the Orbeon Protocol and its vibrant economy. Token holders can enjoy a passive earning stream from staking their ORBN, cash rewards like discounts, and cashback. Holders will also be able to partake in Orbeon Protocol’s DAO and governance activities.

The use cases and utility function of ORBN within and outside the Orbeon Protocol are limitless – a reason why expert analysts speculate that its price will see at least a 6000% increase and surpass $0.24 before the end of its presale phase. Therefore, investing in this presale phase is your best bet to enjoying a maximum Orbeon Protocol return.



Orbeon Protocol has realizable goals and realistic roadmap activities to promote a new decentralized financial system for crowdfunding and venture capital firms. The protocol provides an enabling platform for businesses and startups to efficiently connect with investors while disrupting the traditional crowdfunding industry to give equal opportunity to all investors. Like the Orbeon Protocol platform, its native token, ORBN, has shown huge potential with predicted exponential growth, making it an excellent investment.

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