Binance Marketplace Upgrade To Include Access To OpenSea NFTs

Binance NFT marketplace is planning an upgrade that will open up access to OpenSea NFTs for its users. The first phase of the upgrade took place yesterday after the platform integrated with OpenSea. As a result, fans of the Binance NFT marketplace can now access NFTs from a variety of marketplaces and blockchains.

It’s a move geared towards establishing Binance as the “go-to destination for NFTs.” On top of the NFTs listed on the Binance NFT marketplace, users have access to the majority of the top 200 collections on OpenSea that use the ERC-721 standard.

Binance terms the upgrade as an “exciting milestone.” It paves the way for NFT marketplace dominance in the same way that the platform has dominated cryptocurrency trading. In the future, the platform plans to integrate more marketplaces and chains.

What The Upgrade Involves And What It Means for OpenSea NFT Fans

The new revamp will bring a bunch of welcome changes. Firstly, it will allow users to access Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain NFTs on the marketplace. As a result, Ethereum-based OpenSea NFTs will be accessible “from Binance NFT Marketplace with low fees for cross-platform purchases.”

Furthermore, the marketplace will display upgraded metrics and data visualizations. These will cover NFT collections and individual NFT pages for enhanced price analysis. As well as, an integration of OpenSea marketplace data that will be added to leaderboards on the Stats page.

There will also be optimizations for the UI and UX for various features on the marketplace. Some of the areas you can expect to see changes include the Homepage, Marketplace Main Menu, Search Filters, and NFT Assets pages.

And finally, there will be an optimized NFT deposit process accompanied by a simplified check-out procedure.

The announcement comes a day after football megastar Cristiano Ronaldo announced the launch of his first NFT collection. The collection is based on the Binance NFT marketplace and debuts this Friday, November 18.


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