VOLYR – Capturing Moments in Humankind’s Storyline

Web3 will rebalance the power dynamics between users and platforms by enabling individuals and creators to have unprecedented ownership over their own data and content.

VOLYR’s mission is to contribute to this journey by driving mass adoption of Web3 solutions by a wider audience. 

VOLYR are a team of engineers, entrepreneurs, independent journalists and Web3 enthusiasts helping the world to gain its independence from the digital monopolies through Decentralised Applications (dApps).

In this journey, their first step is an NFT collection created by the people for the people. This collection encapsulates important moments of humankind’s storyline through 10,000 tweets kept as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

The mint price is 0.025 Ethereum (ETH) and mint date is 01.12.2022. Each one of the NFTs will be created based on user selected tweets. Each tweet can be minted once and therefore it is unique and cannot be minted by other users. The final result will be a collection of key moments and expressions of the journal of our modern civilization, namely Twitter.

“Men make their own history but not in circumstances of their own choosing”, Karl Marx.

Be part of the movement – check out VOLYR’s website and Twitter.


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