NFTs for Nonprofits: StreamCoin Launches a New Environmental Initiative in Partnership with One Tree Planted

In line with its devotion to giving back to the community and nature, the Web3 company StreamCoin has launched its first nonprofit NFT collection in partnership with One Tree Planted. This collection is part of the company’s initiative to raise public awareness about the importance of NFTs as a tool to make a change in the social and environmental scope.

The “Green NFTs” is how StreamCoin describes its new nonprofit digital items, as all the proceeds will go to One Tree Planted to support their effort in helping the environment with more reforestation projects. StreamCoin has launched its new collection with royalties set at 0% and was minted on its NFT marketplace: STRMNFT.

With the price set at $10 worth of STRM per item, each donation made using these Green NFTs will contribute to planting ten trees by the organization. Michael Ein Chaybe, CEO of StreamCoin, explains more about the company’s initiative:

“We aim with this initiative to show how NFTs can be used to make environmental and social change on a global scale. I believe that the Green NFTs we created in partnership with One Tree Planted will be a great leap toward expanding the utility of NFTs to help the environment.”

One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit devoted to helping the environment with extensive projects of global reforestation. Based in Vermont, USA, this organization works to simplify donations for everyone by planting one tree for each $1 it receives.

Ashley Lamontagne, Forest Campaign Manager at One Tree Planted, remarked:

“We appreciate the support of StreamCoin and all the great work we will be able to do as a result of this partnership. Through their contributions, we will be able to plant more trees where they are needed most and further our goal of global reforestation.”

The new Green NFTs are available on the STRMNFT marketplace in the “One Tree Planted” collection. All users who wish to donate with these NFTs can buy directly from the collection. The NFT will be transferred to their account as a symbol of acknowledgement for their contribution.

Users can refer to the following links to learn more about StreamCoin and get the official updates:


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