Budweiser and FIFA NFT Collection for World Cup Finals

With the 2022 FIFA World Cup just around the corner, a number of companies are minting related NFT collections. One such company is Budweiser, which partnered with FIFA to release a live scoreboard NFT collection, for those of the legal drinking age, on October 14 last month.

According to the OpenSea description, the collection is “a real-time NFT that tracks live data, connecting you and fellow fans with up-to-date tournament scores of your favorite country football teams.”

At the time of writing, there are 531 owners (63% unique), with 3% listed on OpenSea for resale. The current floor price is 0.023 Eth.

The Budweiser x Fifa world cup finals collection

Once supporters pick and mint their world cup team, the NFT will follow and track the progress of that team, throughout the FIFA World Cup. Holders of the NFTs will also enter into a draw for an opportunity to win 1 gold NFT that gives an exclusive 360 experience for themselves and a guest.

The 360 experience includes roundtrip air tickets, hotel accommodations, match tickets to games and VIP treatment.

Live Scoreboard NFT collection

The live scoreboard NFTs are a first-ever from Budverse x Fifa world cup. It allows you to track your favorite World Cup team in real time, keeping abreast of the latest action and scores.

Bud collectibles

Budweiser penalty kick mini-game

In the run-up to the Fifa world cup, you can try for the highest score in the penalty shootout mini-game.

All you need to do is choose your favorite team, create a player and shoot your way to the top of the scoreboard. The more you play and score, the more points you will receive.

Kit yourself out with the Budweiser football merch kit

When you mint a Budweiser Fifa NFT, you will also receive a merch kit full of goodies. These include;

  • a Budweiser world cup scarf
  • an aluminium Budweiser cup that changes color
  • 1 Budweiser football trading card

Afterthoughts on the Budverse x Fifa world cup

This latest Budweiser x Fifa world cup NFT partnership is exciting for fans of Budweiser and the beautiful game. The Fifa world cup, which will launch in December, is a great way for sports to immerse themselves in one of the greatest shows on Earth.

Why not check out the exclusive NFT collection Budverse x Fifa world cup at nft.budweiser.com?


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