Top 3 Study Courses for the Metaverse

The Metaverse is now a huge topic and of interest and many people are wondering where they can study all things ‘Metaverse’. 

Why? Well, it’s clear that the Metaverse is positioning itself to become a daily feature in our lives. From play and socialising to occupations and opportunities, people are building the foundations of the Metaverse for a virtual future.

Companies such as Emirates are gearing up for what’s to come. They recently announced they are hiring 4000 cabin crew to train for the Metaverse. The government of Dubai recently set out an ambitious strategy that aims to produce 40000 virtual Metaverse jobs. Additionally, they hope this will add $4 billion to the city’s GDP over the next 5 years. 

Moreover, the Metaverse will need people with the relevant skills to help create this new world. The Metaverse will need planners, AR & VR engineers, ecosystem Developers, asset advisors, and the creative entrepreneurs needed to drive it forward over the next few years.

But where do you go to study the Metaverse and increase your knowledge about this exciting space? Here are 3 highly rated and recommended Udemy courses you can take. They will give you an advantage when seeking future opportunities in the Metaverse.

Metaverse Masterclass – Learn Everything about the Metaverse

This course is Udemy’s best-selling Metaverse course scoring 4.5 stars coming from almost 4000 of its 15168 students. Henrique Contieiro and Bee Lee created the course.

Henrique is a best-selling author with over 5 years of experience teaching about Blockchain, Fintech, NFTs, and the Metaverse. Bee Lee is fascinated by Bitcoin innovation and has over 48000 students under her belt.

The Metaverse masterclass educates students about what the Metaverse is, the technologies behind it, its potential going forward, and how they can invest in it. 

This 3.5-hour course offers the whole package at a modestly priced $29.99 and is well worth a look for beginners.

Metaverse Fundamentals: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and NFTs

As the highest-rated Metaverse course on Udemy, Metaverse Fundamentals provides a beginner course packed full of useful content. 

George Levy, a certified senior Instructor on blockchain at the Blockchain Institute of Technology (BIT), and Joan Amengual, who works in tech sectors such as AI, Cloud, Blockchain, and Data Science created the course. As instructors, they have received high ratings in reviews from over 120000 students.

The course contains blocks of knowledge about the Web3.0 revolution, Metaverse market opportunities, AR, VR, mixed reality, AI, Metaverse use cases, and tools for creating these new virtual worlds.

Significantly, the course even guides learners through the process of creating an avatar of themselves including the opportunity to try it out in the Metaverse.

Even at the higher price of $84.99, this 2.5-hour course may be the one for you.

Create a Metaverse using Three.js, Solidity, and NFT tokens

Last on our list, George Levy and Joan Amengual are back, but this time it’s a course for those serious about developing their own Metaverse.

This 3.5-hour course will guide you through using Three.js. Three.js is a powerful library you can utilize to create a 3D Metaverse environment from scratch. Furthermore, you will learn how to develop Smart Contracts with NFT tokens in Solidity. You will use these smart contracts in your Metaverse.

Finally, learners will connect their Metaverses with blockchain data and your NFT tokens. The course finishes with advanced Three.js projects for the improvement of the Metaverse you have created. This course costs $84.99 but if you’re serious about creating a Metaverse, this could be the right fit for you. 


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