Gala (GALA) and Flow (FLOW) Struggle to Break Past 6% Gains, Investors Rapidly Switching to Orbeon (ORBN) as Bull Market Intensifies

Gala and Flow have been underperforming quite drastically compared to what experts predicted for the current bullish spell.

This is in stark contrast to Orbeon Protocol’s first stage presale – experts have predicted that by the time presale ends, Orbeon Protocol will be looking at 6000% gains.


Gala and Flow are Looking Incredibly Disappointing

Despite current market conditions, Gala and Flow are not performing all too well right now.

That’s not to say they are performing as badly as most tokens – both Gala and Flow are still seeing some small positive increases. However, neither of these tokens are doing as well as people predicted, and there is no doubt that there are a plethora of disappointed Gala and Flow investors out there.

The current market is in peculiar conditions – some tokens are soaring, while others like Gala and Flow have struggled. This has caused most investors to change their plans and instead to invest in the top options in the market, causing even more of a discrepancy between the top tokens and their peers.

This does not come as much of a surprise. The current markets are incredibly hard to traverse, and most investors just want to play it safe by going with the most popular options, which, unfortunately, does not include Gala and Flow

Investors Flock in Droves to Orbeon

Speaking of successful tokens; Orbeon Protocol is currently experiencing an explosion in growth, and some of the predictions that are coming out for the future of this token are very impressive.

However, the positive sentiment behind Orbeon protocol comes from the groundbreaking project that backs the ORBN token. As a decentralised investment platform, Orbeon Protocol allows everyday investors to buy into the next generation of exciting startups for as little as $1. This is done by minting the startups as fractionalised NFTs, which can then be bought or sold for relatively low amounts of capital.

This exciting project has renewed investor fervour in the ORBN token, a utility token that powers the Orbeon ecosystem, and grants holders numerous perks including staking rewards, governance rights and access to exclusive investor groups.

In spite of the fact that Orbeon’s presale has only just begun, this token has already seen a price increase of 100%, and this is expected to go much higher as the weeks press on.

There are even predictions that put ORBN’s value at around $0.24, which would be the result of a 6000% price increase – something that Gala and Flow have yet to experience.

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