Blokhaus Launches WordPress NFT Plug-in ‘Minterpress’

Emerging Web3 marketing and communications agency Blokhaus is looking to shake things up with the launch of Minterpress. 

Minterpress is a free WordPress plugin that allows users to mint and easily display NFTs on their WordPress website.

Indeed, this open-source NFT tool opens up a world of possibilities for creators to be able to truly express themselves and their Web3 identity to the world.

Crucially, with Minterpress, artists no longer need to rely upon third-party marketplaces to market their NFT product. 

Furthermore, all NFTs that are posted on Minterpress are minted on the Tezos blockchain, giving creators the peace of mind that the NFTs are energy efficient. 

Uniqueness and authenticity

Minterpress gives creators and artists the ability to mint and display their work as NFTs directly from a WordPress page, displaying the uniqueness and true authenticity of an artist’s creation. 

What is more, no prior coding knowledge is required for this open-source tool, making the onboarding process all the more seamless. 

Minterpress empowers artists to take control over how their creations are displayed on their WordPress sites. 

Right away, users can create a gallery of NFTs to exhibit on their WordPress site, or alternatively provide a link to an NFT marketplace to purchase their work. 

Designed and developed by the acclaimed Blokhaus team, who have already worked with the likes of Manchester United and Oracle Red Bull Racing, Minterpress is designed to simplify the process of minting and displaying NFTs.

Tezos testing the boundaries

Tezos blockchain has consistently worked with a diverse community of Web3 artists, collectors, and builders around the world. 

The blockchain is renowned for its energy-efficient design and low costs to mint and transact NFTs. 

Additionally, Tezos is home to major NFT platforms such as, one of the biggest NFT art marketplaces.

Now, in its affiliation with Blokhaus and Minterpress, Tezos is continuing to lead the Web3 surge towards mass adoption. 

Moreover, with 455 million websites built on WordPress as of 2021, the journey for Web2 users over to Web3 is becoming increasingly simplified. 

Tezos is an open-source platform that addresses key barriers facing blockchain adoption, for assets and applications backed by a global community of validators, researchers, and builders. 

For more information about the Tezos blockchain, you can visit the website here, and to learn more about Minterpress, you can click here


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