RiVERSE x PixelMax Collaborate To Introduce MemoRi – A Virtual Universe For All

London, United Kingdom, November 1, 2022, Today, October 13th 2022 marks a key milestone for RiVERSE with the signing of a memorandum of understanding with PixelMax as an immersive rendering technology partner for RiVERSE’s MemoRi. This momentous event was witnessed by Mr John Zhao, Regional Channel Director of Northern Europe of Tencent Cloud International.

Built on RiVERSE’s consortium blockchain RiCHAIN powered by Tencent Cloud, MemoRi is RiVERSE’s Virtual Universe where all legacies, experiences and activities are easily accessible and affordable for all. Users can explore and interact with state-of-art functionalities and rendering technologies merging VR and AR in 4 areas:

  • Architecture Preservation: Preserve historical landmarks and buildings such as UNESCO Heritage sites for all, future generations, education and tourism purposes.
  • Commercial: Businesses and brands can create and enhance brand experiences with customers such as virtual showrooms, online games and others.
  • Human Rendering: Preserve the legacy of a person, object for future generation.
  • Job Creations: Borderless equal job opportunities for all.

Preservation of legacies, experiences and events are important as the knowledge can be shared with future generations and anyone from all over the world.

We believe that all legacies and memories are priceless and should be preserved for future generations. With MemoRi, all these can be preserved and accessible from anywhere in the world. We look forward to collaborating with PixelMax for preserving legacies and at the same time we will explore how we can make MemoRi more accessible to all.” shared Rex Yeap, Co-Founder & President of RiVERSE.

PixelMax is a provider of an immersive communication platform supported by 3D interactive technology and enables businesses to convert anything physical into virtual world. The immersive 3D worlds are designed to bring communities and partners together whether that is to deliver enlightening training experiences, showcase products or host jaw-dropping events.

The MOU Signing between Mr. Rex Yeap, Co-Founder & President of RiVerse (2nd from left) and Mr. Shay O’Caroll, Co-Founder of PixelMax (Middle), witnessed by Mr. John Zhao, Regional Channel Director of Northern Europe, Tencent Cloud International (far right)

We have been working closely now with RiVERSE for a while, our joint ambition and technologies are aligned and we really enjoy working together. PixelMax has already delivered award-winning projects ranging from healthcare to global sports events and we genuinely believe this alliance with RiVERSE will unlock something the world has never seen. Exciting times ahead!” shared Shay O’Carroll – Co-Founder PixelMax.

“In the past 20 years, Tencent has amassed in-depth expertise in fields of network and technology. We provide virtual space products such as GPU (Graphic Processing Unit), CVM (Cloud Virtual Machine) as a collaboration partner with RiVERSE for this project. Tencent hopes to collaborate with RiVERSE in the near future for more tourism rendering projects.” according to Mr Kenneth Siow, Regional Director and General Manager (Singapore and Malaysia), Tencent Cloud International.

As both RiVERSE and PixelMax shared the vision of providing business owners, brands and communities the technology solutions to virtual universe, this partnership marks the beginning of more future collaboration to ease the path to virtual universe in MemoRi.

‘We look forward to exploring with PixelMax on how we can help business owners and brands to embark on their virtual reality journey in a shortest time and at most cost-efficient way’ added Mr Rex Yeap.

For complete information, visit: www.riverse.com or social media for more updates.


RiVERSE is a Web3-oriented solutions provider that focuses on a 360-degree revolution of digital economy by creating innovative products, services and applications that allow the masses and businesses to adopt and transition into a digital economy on the RiVERSE infrastructure.

RiVERSE’s infrastructure consists of:

RiLEX: A Global NFT Marketplace that is easy to use and accessible for all.

RiCHAIN:  RiVERSE’s consortium blockchain with TBaaS technology powered by Tencent Cloud.

MemoRI: A Virtual Universe where all legacies, experiences and activities are easily accessible and affordable for all.

About PixelMax:

Founded in 2019, PixelMax is acutely focused on changing the way we engage, connect and interact digitally. PixelMax has created an enterprise version of the metaverse that allows brands to own their own space and create an experience like no other. Their immersive 3D worlds are designed to bring communities and partners together, whether that’s to deliver an enlightening training experience, showcase products, solve the hybrid working challenge or host jaw-dropping events. They offer engaging spaces, with unrivalled quality, that are fully scalable.

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