Meta Nebulas Daily Hour Launching: Dawn of The New Era

On the 7th October 2022, the first physical product invented by Meta Nebulas was officially launched on that glamorous night. Let’s take a look at MNB Daily Hour!

MNB Daily Hour was launched on 7th October, Meta Nebulas: Dawn of the New Era. We have invited guests from different countries such as Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Philippines. Other than launching MNB Daily Hour, there were a lot of performances such as LED Dance, Haka Dance and Captain Dance.

MNB Daily Hour, every hour every move counts. MNB Daily Hour is the first smartwatch invented by Meta Nebulas and it is also the first cryptocurrency related smartwatch! MNB Daily Hour has most of the smartwatch basic functions such as IP68 waterproof, Sleep monitoring, Heart BPM monitoring and it even supports multiple languages.

Other than covering most of the smartwatch basic functions, there is still a lot more you can do with MNB Daily Hour!

First of all, you can METAMOVE-AND-EARN with the MNB Daily Hour! Once you have pressed the “START” button on our latest dapp, MNB Daily Hour will start calculating how many calories have you burned, how many steps were taken, how was your heartbeat and how long have you worked out. All of these are the factors affecting how much you can earn in METAMOVE-AND-EARN with MNB Daily Hour.

Second of all, you can also METASOCIAL-AND-EARN with MNB Daily Hour! METASOCIAL-AND-EARN is a combination of offline-and-online socializing. All you need to do is gather in a group of 2, 5 or 8 for 60 minutes and you will be able to earn IONZ as a reward!

Meta Nebulas has been upgrading Meta Nebulas 2.0 ecosystem from the previous 1.0 online social networking to the current hybrid (online-and-offline) social networking ecosystem. Meta Nebulas 2.0 is built around the basic daily activities of most people, which are sports and gathering.

Meta Nebulas 2.0 is launched soon!

Stay tuned.


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