Tezos NFTs Now Supported on Shopify via Taco

Tezos NFTs are now supported on Shopify through the Taco NFT loyalty automation tool.

Software developer Taco Labs inc. has integrated the Tezos blockchain and will enable brands on Tezos to deepen their connection with customers through loyalty rewards, gamification, and ownership. 

Furthermore, brands can utilize the Web3 automation solution to increase customer engagement and retention. 

The Taco app rewards customer loyalty with NFTs that unlock exclusive products, discounts, and experiences, without writing any code. 

Edward Adlard, Commercial Director at Tezos’ blockchain development team, Trillitech, said: “The Taco app’s recent integration of Tezos gives Shopify stores around the world a new way to engage with customers and plug into the rapidly growing Tezos NFT ecosystem. More and more brands are choosing to deploy their NFTs on Tezos due to its low gas fees and energy efficiency, creating a rich environment for innovation.”

Tezos blockchain on the rise

Tezos’ energy-efficient design and low minting costs have attracted a diverse NFT community of artists, collectors, and builders around the world. 

With Tezos home to major NFT platforms such as Objkt.com, one of the biggest NFT art marketplaces, Tezos is already a major player in the Web3 space. 

Now, with Tezos NFTs supported on Shopify through the Taco NFT loyalty automation app, brands will be able to seamlessly reward their customers with Tezos NFTs. 

Recently at the ADCC World Championships, Tezos NFTs were utilized via the Taco app and deployed by Future Kimonos – a jiu-jitsu apparel brand – to its members with great effect. 

James McCombe, Director of Future Kimonos, added: “We loved how easy it was to airdrop Tezos NFTs at the flograppling ADCC world championship; with Taco’s Shopify integration, we were able to instantly add utility and reward members with exclusive giveaways and prizes. We did this all in record time without having to write any code.”

The Taco NFT loyalty automation tool

Taco helps brands leverage Web3 to quickly launch engaging consumer experiences, such as immersive multiplayer games, tokenized membership tiers, reward points, and referral programs.

Moreover, the Shopify plug-in now enables users to token gate products and offer exclusive discounts using Tezos NFTs.

The collaboration between Tezos and Taco could be a catalyst for wider adoption and the onboarding of a new wave of Web3 users from Web2. 

In order to achieve this, Tacos has created a frictionless, seamless experience of Tezos NFTs for Shopify users.

For more information about the latest brands and projects working with Tezos, you can visit tezos.com.


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