Wolves of Rome Launches ‘Empire Liches’ NFTs on Cardano

The Wolves of Rome (WoR) Empires NFT drops continue as the latest collection – ‘Empire Liches’ – launches on the Cardano blockchain on October 27/28.

Indeed, the ‘Empire Liches’ whitelist mint will take place on October 27th, while the public mint unfolds on the 28th.

Three months after the release of the founding ‘Empire Wolves’ NFT collection, ‘Empire Liches’ unleashes a collection of 2,222 animated Liche bust NFT statues.

The utility-packed NFTs are thematic 3D animated art, which unlocks access to various pre-game benefits, as the game surges through its roadmap.

Finally, the most powerful utility is saved for last, and arrives in the form of redeemable items upon the launch of the game.

Wolves of Rome season 2

The Wolves of Rome

The Wolves of Rome (WoR) is a trading card game on the Cardano blockchain, which is currently under development. Three months ago, the project released its founding collection of 2,000 ‘Empire Wolves’, priced at 180 ADA (around $77 USD), which sold out 29 hours after going public.

‘Empire Liches’ is the second Empires NFT drop in a game which features six Empires, all locked in an epic struggle for dominance. The NFTs come with a plethora of benefits for holders to enjoy.

Inside the Empire Liches NFT

Firstly, the NFT itself comes with a host of files, including the iconic animated 3D statue bust in high resolution MP4 and GIF form.

Additionally, holders can enjoy 3 static renders of the artwork, the Empire Liches lore book, and an MP3 of the thematic music composed specifically for Empire Liches.

Finally, if you want to print your animated 3D bust in real life, the NFT comes with an STL 3D compatible mini of your Empire Liches core bust.

Some of the Season 2 ‘Empire Liches’ NFTs

Empire Liches NFT utility

As mentioned, ‘Empire Liches’ NFTs come with abundant utilities, redeemable pre-game and upon the launch of WoR. Let’s dive in!

As an Empires NFT holder, from any collection, you earn your place on the Whitelist for the next Empires NFT launch.

Furthermore, Empires NFT holders will be able to claim 3 extremely rare ‘Founder’s Edition’ cards upon the launch of WoR. On that note, Founders Cards will only be available to owners of an Empires NFT.

Next, an ‘Empire Liches’ NFT will gain you one First Edition card pack, which includes 5 cards and 1 of those is guaranteed to be rare or better.

Moreover, as an Empires NFT holder, you can claim one card pack from each edition that launches in WoR.

Wolves of Rome – Halloween Mode out now

In-game currency and shards

The benefits for ‘Empire Liches’ holders also include the in-game currency – Glorium – which can be used to buy cards, pay forge fees and gain entry to events. Indeed, each owner will receive an amount of Glorium proportional to the number of Empires NFTs held in their wallet.

As for Empire Shards, they’re a resource in the WoR game and can be used in the Empire Forge to craft Battlefields (play boards) and Monuments.

Profile pictures, tournaments and more!

As an Empires NFT holder, you will be able to showcase your impressive NFT to the world as a profile picture in the game. In addition, more in-game aesthetics will be available to holders as well as free access to any Empires Tournaments.

Finally, if you get your hands on an ‘Empire Liches’ NFT, you will earn your status as an ‘Ultimate Collector’. In turn, this enables you to participate in governance votes using the $WOR token and gains you access to the prestigious Founders Store.

Back to the launch

Let’s not forget, the second Wolves of Rome Empires NFT launch, ‘Empire Liches’, on the Cardano blockchain takes place on October 27th (Whitelist) and October 28th (public).

For more information about the Empires NFTs or to read the project’s Whitelist, you can visit this website.


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