NBA Top Shot Announces Series 4 roadmap

Dapper Labs’ NBA Top shot announced their 2022/23 basketball season roadmap. The NBA season begins on the 18th of October, and the team at Hot Shots has some slam-dunk new initiatives.

Further details are planned for later in the week.

However, here is a preview of what to expect, from the upcoming series, in the partnership between Dapper Labs and the NBA.

Legendary scarcity

The Legendary moments will become even more scarce than in previous seasons. The minting quota will not exceed /99 per play, with a ceiling of 9,950 unique Legendaries to be minted the full season.

The season’s transfer of their cornerstone set will be limited to 50 plays, with a yet-to-be-announced “game-changing collaboration with partners.

Rarer Still

The forthcoming 2022-23 season Rare Moments will be capped at /999 mint. The flagship Rare Set, Metallic Gold LE, will mint below 400 and consist of 3 players per team, meaning the most coveted collectibles are put aside for the best players and teams.

Not very common

In this series, each player will be limited to one Base Set play. The Base Set Commons will have a mint of 8000 CC+ at the start of the season, plus another 8000 minted limited addition Moments.

Furthermore, Rookies debuting in the 2022/23 season will enjoy a new Rookie Debut set.

Mass Burnings

Throughout the season, around 5 million Moments will be permanently removed from circulation, through all tiers of scarcity.

Playing and collecting

Throughout the series, fans will continually be given the opportunity to win exclusive prizes contingent on collecting top-performing players. Moreover, upgrades to this year’s Challenges will include burning to make the Moments rarer still.

The Locker Room

A portion of every mint this season will go to the Locker Room, where the Top Shots community has already locked 5 million moments.

The Top Shot Team Community

Top Shot, with the help of Super fans – captains – have launched sub-communities, 30 in all, with one for each NBA team.

The captains of each community will have events planned throughout the season.

The first event involves over 700 Top Shot players going to their favorite team’s first game of the season free of charge, and there are many more events to come.


The Top Shots NBA 22/23 season looks to be gearing up for a bumper fun season.
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