PIP.me 2.0 Launches New Customizable eWeb3 Pages

PIP.me 2.0 is launching with several key improvements to its personalized eWeb3 pages.

In the new PIP platform, users can customize their own page to handle crypto payments, embed NFTs, or organize social media accounts. 

Following the success of the initial version of PIP, the platform has bolstered its utility and seeks to change the way people think of and interact with cryptocurrencies. 

PIP CEO Jeff Baek said: “PIP.ME connects online identity with crypto payments so that anyone can interact financially with people across the globe, fostering a global micropayment economy.”

What is PIP.me?

The PIP.me solution is a fully integrated suite of payment products for Web3, which supports both desktop and mobile devices. The platform makes social Web3 payments simple, enabling anyone with no prior knowledge or experience to create a free, customizable PIP page. 

Supporting industry-leading blockchains like BNB Chain, the PIP.me solution allows each user to establish their own PIP Button, giving connections a link to your profile and wallet address information. 

In turn, this removes the need to remember wallet addresses and creates a frictionless path to your Web3 profile and payment information.

In addition, the PIP Button is compatible with all websites and platforms, including Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace.

Finally, the PIP Button currently supports Solana-based transactions – SOL, USDC, PIP, SERUM, etc – with support for other networks to roll out gradually.

New features of PIP.me 2.0 

PIP.me 2.0 expands the native functionality of the platform. 

Now, each user can do much more with their personalized Web3 page.

PIP.me 2.0 still supports native PIP.me addresses – created when registering an account – but also offers a host of new benefits, which are:

  • Simple payment links for mobile and desktop
  • Customization options to receive payments
  • The option to display social media accounts and personal links
  • Embedding single NFT assets or collections directly sourced from major NFT exchanges like Opensea, Looksrare, and Magic Eden.

Furthermore, with a few clicks on the new PIP.me platform, you can import links from external websites, such as migrating your Linktree to your PIP.me. 

With its revamped Web3 social payment platform, PIP is positioning itself as a proponent of the decentralized creator economy. 

For more information about PIP, you can visit the website at https://www.getpip.com/.


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