EtherMail partners with Toxic Skulls Club to enable wallet-to-wallet communication with NFT holders

Schaan, Liechtenstein, 4 October 2022 – EtherMail, the first Web 3.0 Email Solution setting the standard for anonymous and encrypted wallet-to-wallet communication, has today announced a strategic partnership with Toxic Skulls Club, to support the NFT platform’s community relations activities. EtherMail’s Web3 email solution will allow Toxic Skulls Club to maintain a direct line of communication with current NFT holders, based on blockchain-synced, real-time information.

Toxic Skulls Club is an all-inclusive, community-focused brand, business & NFT project that is constantly blending the way utility is used within the Web3 space and real world application. Their vision is to integrate and continue to develop unique concepts and utilities. Toxic Skulls Club is looking to leave its mark in not only the NFT space but also in real life (IRL).

Toxic Skulls Club provides value to their IRL partnerships in an array of ways to increase value in terms of social and investment capital. One of the value plays is that TSC brings a strong all-inclusive community of over 150K loyal members which allows for immense visibility to overall concepts and partnerships. TSC prides themselves in constantly building regardless of market conditions in an attempt to redefine the way utility functions within the Web3 space. 

Considering the frequency with which holders sell their crypto and NFTs, it is increasingly difficult for projects to maintain direct contact with holders of their assets. EtherMail has developed a solution to address this systemic industry problem, which has recently been thrust into focus after MailChimp took the decision to ditch crypto and Web3 projects from its newsletter distribution service. EtherMail is establishing a best-in-class framework for Web3 email communication with its growing roster of partners.

The news follows EtherMail’s recent $3 million seed round, led by Fabric Ventures and Greenfield One. Founded by serial entrepreneurs Shant Kevonian and Gerald Heydenreich in late 2021, EtherMail is the only tool in the Web3 space allowing Web3 companies to send rich, relevant content directly to their asset holders based on up-to-the-minute information. The solution also helps companies proactively mitigate the risk of communication fraud by preemptively informing users of breaches and vulnerabilities, while also enabling self-updating mailing lists for community newsletter distribution based on the latest smart contract data.

Included in EtherMail’s future pipeline will be the introduction of its native utility token, $EMT, an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum network. EMT will be a first-of-its-kind incentivization mechanism designed to reward email users for their time and attention reading unsolicited emails, creating a much-needed framework for email economics. 

Shant Kevonian, CEO and Co-founder of EtherMail said: “Quite frankly, we have created the only tool in the Web3 space that allows projects to send rich, relevant content directly to their current asset holders. MailChimp’s recent decision to ditch many Web3 companies from their newsletter distribution service has left a void in the market – one we are here to fill, and then some. We’re very happy to partner with Toxic Skulls Club at such an exciting juncture in their roadmap.”

Toxic Skulls Club: “In today’s highly mobilized NFT space, it is becoming more difficult to maintain contact with holders, and in terms of building a strong community, having that information flow is absolutely essential. We look forward to leveraging EtherMail’s unique solution as a component of our robust community relations strategy.”

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About EtherMail

EtherMail is the first Web 3.0 Email Solution setting the standard for anonymous and encrypted wallet-to-wallet communication. With EtherMail, companies can send rich, relevant content directly to their asset holders based on blockchain-synced real time information. EtherMail also allows fully anonymous P2P communication and rewards its users for reading relevant content in their inbox.

About Toxic Skulls Club

Toxic Skulls Club is a community-driven NFT collection of 9,999 Toxic Skulls, uniquely generated from over 390 hand-drawn traits. Owning a Toxic Skulls Club NFT allows its holders to join the club and enjoy its benefits.

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