Orange Comet Announces ‘The Walking Dead’ Avatars NFT Mint

AMC’s The Walking Dead Comes to an End but the Dead Walk Forever in Web3

Web3 entertainment company Orange Comet is announcing its latest collection of NFTs based on AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ (TWD).  

The date and time of the ‘Avatar’ mint will be on Wednesday October 5, 2022 at 12pm Pacific Time. The Avatar NFTs are lifelike 3D hand-sculpted recreations of some of The Walking Dead’s iconic characters. The first set of Avatars will feature Michonne and her pets, Mercer, Rick Grimes, Carol Peletier, Daryl Dixon, and various soldiers from the Commonwealth and the CRM. 

The Avatars are one of the 4 types of required NFTs needed to activate the gamification of the planned ‘The Walking Dead Lands’ metaverse; a post apocalyptic open-world build-and-earn experience based on The Walking Dead Universe.

Orange Comet will offer two mints: a public mint, open to everyone, as well as an exclusive Walker Pass-only private mint featuring a 1-to-1 rarity match. 

Walker Access Pass holders will be able to pre-mint any NFTs at a discount of 0.02 ETH below the public sale price. The public sale price has been set at $80 (equivalent in ETH on the day of the mint.) 

You can purchase a Walker Access Pass on the secondary market (Opensea.)

The Public Avatar Mint

On Wednesday, October 5, 2022 at 12pm PT, 5,000 Avatar NFTs of varying rarities will go on public sale for a price of approximately $80 (based on the price of ETH at that time.)

The Exclusive Avatar Mint

This Exclusive Mint is only available to holders of TWD Walker Access Passes.  You can purchase a Walker Access Pass on the secondary market (Opensea.)

This is a one-to-one mint, where holders of Passes can mint the number of Avatar NFTs based on the number of Walker Access Passes they own in their wallet. The mint is also based on the rarity of your Walker Access Pass. For example, if you own a Legendary Pass, you can mint a Legendary Avatar NFT.  The rarities are based on the five rarities of the Walker Passes: Legendary, Epic, Super Rare, Rare, and Uncommon.

The Avatar NFTs Will Be Revealed Following the Mint

The reveal of the NFT artwork will occur around 10 days after the minting date. 

For more information on the Avatar Mint, the Walker Access Passes, and Orange Comet’s latest NFT drops, you can visit the company’s website or join its Discord channel


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