Affyn announces Steve Taylor as Chief Product Officer ahead of ALPHA live game demo and NFT Land sales

Affyn, the Singapore-based blockchain gaming company, has announced the appointment of Steve Taylor as the Chief Product Officer. Taylor is a former Unity and Electronic Arts executive with more than twenty years of digital entertainment experience. 

According to Lucaz Lee, the CEO of Affyn, “Steve is a dynamic individual with significant experience that will help Affyn build and grow products while delighting our users. I am thrilled to welcome him on board and am really excited to work with him as we continue meeting key development milestones.”

Steve Taylor will be in charge of defining and executing Affyn’s product strategy, beginning with leading the upcoming ALPHA game demo and NFT Land sales reveal event.

About the event

ALPHA live game demo and NFT Land sales event will take place on September 30, 2022. During the occasion, a live demo of NEXUS World, a new gameplay trailer, and details on NEXUS World Land sales will be shared with the public for the first time. NEXUS World is Affyn’s play-and-earn metaverse.

Affyn’s metaverse bridges the virtual and real worlds

The NEXUS metaverse is built on the Polygon network, which means low gas fees, fast transactions, and Ethereum Virtual Machine compatibility. 

Deploying geolocation-based gaming and augmented reality technologies, NEXUS World will enable gamers to participate in metaverse activities based on their geographic locations. 

In addition, the metaverse’s utility token FYN will have real-life use cases. For instance, token holders will be able to book trips, dine and shop at merchant partners by paying with FYN. So, the need for converting the game’s native token into other crypto or fiat currencies will be eliminated. 

A sustainable play-and-earn economy

This integration of real-world use cases with the FYN tokens is one of Affyn’s strategies to allow gamers to play and earn sustainably for a long time. To achieve this goal, Affyn will also build partnerships with other companies that want to drive traffic to their physical stores by leveraging the geolocation features of the metaverse. Moreover, the FYN token will have utilities in multiple other places, for example, in campaigns and user-generated games.  

Generation Zero Buddies NFT collection

The gameplay of NEXUS World revolves around the main characters known as Buddies. In July 2022, Affyn launched a genesis collection that featured 400 rare Buddy NFTs. The collection was in high demand and sold out within 100 seconds of listing. It gained appreciation on the secondary market, as well. While the release price of each Buddy NFT was around 150$, the floor price on OpenSea is 4.5 Ether at the time of writing.  

Gen0 Buddies have appearances that prove they belong to the genesis collection. Each has its own attributes that can improve over time and properties that can bring advantages or disadvantages over other Buddies during the gameplay. Players will be able to position their Buddies in quests and raids. 

NEXUS World Land NFTs

The entire NEXUS World map is made up of approximately 33.9 billion hexagons which represent digital pieces that are mapped according to the real world. While around 24.1 billion hexagons represent water, the remaining 9.8 billion hexagons are Lands. 

Affyn will only offer 0.001% of the total Lands as purchasable NFTs, which are known as Freehold Lands. This means the maximum supply of NEXUS World Land NFTs will be 100,000. 

The upcoming demo event will uncover special Land utilities and other details. What we know for now is that 100,000 Freehold Land NFTs will have four rarity tiers with the following distributions:

  • Common: 81,700 hexagons (81.7%)
  • Rare: 15,000 hexagons (15%)
  • Epic: 3,000 hexagons (3%)
  • Mythical: 300 hexagons (0.3%)

You can keep up with the latest announcements by following Affyn’s official Discord and Telegram channels or Twitter account. 


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