Enhance Your Trading Experience with Coinrule

Coinrule is the place to go if you’re searching for a tool that has implemented smart trading bots. The way to automate your trading strategies is easier with Coinrule, and there is no doubt!

With Coinrule, you can trade on Binance, Kraken, Coinbase Pro, and other exchanges. They provide the best environment for anyone who wants to incorporate the RSI bot into their trading strategy. Coinrule offers access to more than 100 trading methods with their free plan, with no additional fees, and can be used by anyone interested in trading bots.

Introduction to Coinrule

Coinrule is a platform that provides trading bot strategies helping users to automate the trading process and making it more accessible. If you start using Coinrule, you can explore it from the beginning for free.

First, you must pick the desire that brought you to Coinrule: to make a profit, to trade better, or to run a trading strategy. On the platform, you can experience trading to another level, becoming a better trader and exploring more than 100 automated trading strategies without coding. 

If you are unsure of what strategy you want to use, you can choose from over 180 pre-existing trading templates

Then, you will have to pick your experience level: beginner, intermediate, or expert. After that, pick your favorite coins. 

Meanwhile, Coinrule will select templates that will suit your options, and you can choose one to start with. The best part is that you first enter a test mode to understand the process. 

You must choose the coin you want to trade, the time frame you want, and the trading strategy. Then TradingView will display the number of trades opened and closed by the strategy, as well as:

  • Net profit it would have returned
  • Percentage of profitability
  • Maximum drawdown
  • Profit factor 

Coinrule will warn you about the RSI, prices, selling, executing time, and more. The number of rules you can use, the number of exchanges you can connect to, the trade volume, and the available number of trading templates you can access depend on your account plan.

For more advanced options, along with a free plan, Coinrule has 3 types of paid plans:

  • Hobbyist plan
  • Trader plan
  • Pro plan

Each comes with its rules, strategies, and benefits, suitable for different types of trading levels. 

Explore Coinrule’s RSI strategy

One of Coinrule’s most attractive strategies is RSI Trading Bot. Regarding cryptocurrency trading, bots are the most suitable option for making fast decisions and avoiding critical missing out on trades.

RSI, and other strategies from Coinrule, may help identify high-probability entry opportunities. The concepts in this tool will support you in building a more solid portfolio and making the most suitable long-term investment decisions.

Indicators from the Conirule, such as the RSI, and other strategies, may help determine high-probability entry opportunities. The concepts in this tool will support you in building a more solid portfolio and making the most suitable long-term investment decisions.

The RSI rarely reaches high levels during market downtrends, so the strategy will wait for more favorable market conditions before opening new trades.

Do your best trading

The advantages of Coinrule are not only that it is a trusted platform but also that it allows you to experiment. You can try various trading strategies to suit your experience, budget, and desires. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and build your much-desired portfolio. You can find more information about Coinrule and its trading strategies on the official website.


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