PINSL Launches Fine Art NFT Platform

PINSL has announced the launch of its Fine Art NFT platform, which will curate works by renowned artists and gallerists, starting on September 8th 2022. 

The project aims to bridge the gap between the traditional art world and the metaverse, by creating a user-friendly platform for fine art collectors. 

What is more, digital fine art purchases are made simple, with credit card payments accepted as well as the crypto wallets Metamask, PINSL Wallet, WalletConnect and Coinbase. 

The PINSL launch line-up of Fine Art NFTs includes Japanese Edo period woodcuts, exclusive digital art from Biennale and Documenta, and work by Oscar-winning creatives. 

You can submit a request for a personal invite via the launch website for an opportunity to be among the first to have access to the PINSL platform. 

Left: ‘Bride’ NFT from the artist’s photo archive – TR Ericsson, Right: Edo woodblock print NFT – Anahita Arts of Asia

Gateway to the metaverse

PINSL’s mission is to build a gateway for fine art to break into the digital space. The metaverse promises much for emerging and established artists, as an increasing number of art collectors pour into the digital world looking for art to purchase. 

NFT artists are proliferating in the digital world even now, and traditional art spaces are being usurped by more convenient ways of viewing art – namely online, from the comfort of your chair.

Artists are leveraging NFTs to cut out the middle man and gain their true worth, selling art direct to collectors online and showcasing their work via platforms like Instagram and Twitter. 

This creates the demand for bespoke platforms like PINSL, which will focus exclusively on quality, verified Fine Art NFTs and provide secure, streamlined access to the emerging art galleries of the metaverse. 

Bridging the gap

In order to achieve its goals, PINSL has created a regulatory compliant platform for fine art, which encourages and empowers artists and galleries to enter the crypto space. 

At present, the barriers to entry are holding Web3 and NFTs back from being universally adopted. 

Many find the crypto onboarding process convoluted, so the need for smooth bridges to be built is more prevalent than ever before. 

The PINSL platform aims to solve these pain points by inviting all art enthusiasts into the Web3 ecosystem, where they can easily create, manage and sell Fine Art NFTs.

Left: NFT from “Das Glück Begreifen” exhibition – Robby Cyron, Right: NFT based on the film “Objectify Me” – Annique Delphine

Win a Fine Art NFT

From the day of the launch, on September 8th 2022, you can take part in the PINSL Raffle and win the Fine Art NFT ‘Hysteria’ by Annique Delphine. 

The raffle will take place from September 8th-15th, and you will need to follow PINSL on Instagram and Twitter, share or retweet the post on the respective platforms and register an account at PINSL.

Launch lineup

As the countdown to the PINSL launch begins, the official launch lineup is as follows:

– Annique Delphine

– Robby Cyron

– TR Ericsson

– Anahita Arts of Asia

– Harlan Levey Projects

– Ugo Dossi

– Lauenstein Brothers

For more information about the PINSL Raffle and all other PINSL-related news updates, you can visit the PINSL website, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. 


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