The Hideaways ($HDWY) Presale Attracts Dogecoin ($DOGE) Whales

Dogecoin ($DOGE) investors have not had a great ride recently as they’ve watched the value of their investment plummet. According to analysts at Nansen, Dogecoin was at one point being sold off more than any other cryptocurrency. So what’s driving this sell-off?

There are many factors, but one could be a rotation into a new wave of crypto projects that are revolutionizing the crypto industry. Projects such as The Hideaways ($HDWY) offer investors the opportunity to be part of a project that is disrupting the $200+trillion real estate industry by enabling investors to own a share of a luxury property from as little as $100. They’re also completely changing how real estate investors are rewarded by offering monthly air-dropped rewards to members, staking rewards and NFT trading through their decentralized marketplace. It’s built on the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes smart contracts to ensure security and transparency.

What’s drawing big investors to The Hideaways is the fact that it offers investors multiple real sources of revenue generation. Unlike Dogecoin, created as a meme coin with no real utility, The Hideaways is a utility token that can be used to invest in the global property market and is disrupting a huge industry. This makes it a much more attractive investment for serious cryptocurrency investors.

So if you’re holding onto Dogecoin, now might be the time to sell and invest your money in a token that has real world utility and offers multiple forms of real world gains. 

What Is The Hideaways And Why Is It Expected To Pump?

The Hideaway tackles a global real estate market growing at an annual rate of five percent and is currently valued at $228 trillion. Even at its peak, the crypto market was only $3 trillion! Investors are attracted to The Hideaways because they understand that even if it corners just 0.5% of the global real estate market, it will have a market cap larger than Bitcoin! 

Investment in overseas jurisdictions is becoming increasingly popular, with APAC investors investing significantly in the North American and EMEA markets – over $50 billion was invested in 2016 alone. This trend sparked The Hideaways into revolutionizing the real-estate market and the project has positioned itself incredibly well to take advantage of this potential.

The team identified and removed the current barriers to traditional real estate investment: slow completion times, high start-up capital requirements, slow burn returns and a reliance on middle-men. Through the fractionalization of NFTs that are underpinned by physical real estate and the creation of their own NFT marketplace, The Hideaways have created a project that is truly groundbreaking. It’s built on the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes smart contracts to ensure security and transparency. 

Why Are Dogecoin Whales Not Happy?

Billy Markus, the founder of Dogecoin, is a notorious anti-crypto founder. He created Dogecoin as a response to what he viewed as an overhyped crypto market. 

Doge whales have been exiting since the news was announced that they would create a bridge to Ethereum, allowing holders to access the Ethereum markets. With bridges such as Wormhole, Nomad and Ronin suffering over $1bn in losses from hacks – whales don’t seem to have the confidence that something won’t happen to the Dogecoin bridge.

Buy The Hideaways: Pre-Sale Offering Great Returns

The bottom line is that if you’re holding onto Dogecoin, now might be the time to sell and invest in a new breed of crypto projects that look set to change the crypto industry forever. 

The Hideaways is a great option given its price security and the fact that it offers investors multiple different revenue streams. Passive income is combined with the potential for significant capital gains, with pre-sale investors offering incredible bonuses for backing the project at an early stage. Our recommendation? The Hideaways is a fantastic project that is worth investing in, with pre-sale investors looking set to be rewarded for taking part. Check them out:





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