Web3 Games Studio Emergent Games Launches Resurgence Cryotag NFTs

Emergent Games has already proven itself to be one of the most active developers in the Web3 gaming space. It has now just announced the release of its non-fungible tokens (NFTs) known as Genesis 0 Cryotag. These NFTs have been created solely for the purpose of being used in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), Resurgence.

Where some NFTs fail, when it comes to gameplay, is a lack of utility. However, Emergent has ensured that NFTs created for Resurgence are different. They are upgradable, allowing players to add features to the game, and they even have a cool countdown feature that presses players to complete tasks against the clock.

The benefits of the Cryotag NFTs

First of all, it’s worth mentioning the scarcity of these NFTs. Emergent has only created 1,000 of these and access is by invite only. This means that there is already huge demand from those who play in the Web3 space but have missed out on an invitation.

For those who have been fortunate enough to be invited, they now have access to a private server on the Resurgence Discord channel. As well as this, holders also have access to future tokens, benefits when it comes to merchandise and a whole host of other benefits that will be released over time.

According to Emergent Games CEO Ian Hambleton:

“Today’s first-generation Cryotag drop represents a fundamental step in building a community that puts players first. We have a vision for Cryotags to transform alongside Resurgence’s narrative and plan to introduce new functionalities according to what we hear from our earliest supporters.”

He continued, “Gen 0 Cryotag owners will be instrumental throughout the development process. We can’t wait to learn and grow alongside them as this ambitious AAA experience comes to life.” 

The future of Resurgence Cryotag NFTs

According to Emergent, the utility of the Cryotag NFTs is set to develop and evolve. Amongst other benefits, it will allow players to be a part of, and contribute to, the central framework of the gaming protocol. The idea is that the Cryotag NFTs will be relevant to all areas of the game and their purpose is to ensure that players are put first and that they feel incentivised. 

Emergent is keen to stress that this version of Cryotag is just the first generation. The intention is to build a community and it is that community that will have the power to influence changes that are introduced in future generations.

The End

When looking at Resurgence, a vital part of this is the title ‘The End’. This is an interactive game that is described as being a ‘story-living’ experience. The game introduces politics, places, and characters – all of which play a key role. 

The setting for the game is the near future when the world has lost its battle with climate change. Players of The End get to see how this disaster leads to the rise of the dystopian world of Resurgence.

Emergent Games – Leading Web3 developer

If you’re yet to hear of Emergent, it is the leading developer of games in the Web3 space. Its metaverse and blockchain games combine the expertise of veterans from the likes of PlayStation and NCSoft with those who are masters of all things blockchain, such as Pluto Labs.

Emergent has published various titles alongside Resurgence and it has demonstrated that it knows just what players expect of a great game. Seen as one of the very best in Web3 gaming, you can be sure that this developer will have more to come in the future. 


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