PIXXTASY is an NFT project that focuses on supporting anti-drug charities. The project is the first of its kind with a two-fold approach; firstly, each piece of artwork is hand-drawn by a professional artist and designed to look like a real-world drug. These may, for example, appear as pop culture icons such as Darth Vader or Hello Kitty, seemingly harmless to look at but with devastating consequences. Most real-world drugs use similar designs. The other aspect of the project is profits raised from the sales of the NFTs will be donated to support the work of 11 worldwide anti-drug charities and rehabilitation centres. The aim is to help people recover from drug addiction as well as raise awareness about drug misuse.

PIXXTASY has partnered with Hungarian and German charity projects (SUCHTKRANKENHILFE OSTFRIESLAND, MRE KIMM and tinirehab.hu) to support and help the charities continue their work helping people.

The NFTs will have a rarity level, making them more collectible and will drop in 10 + 1 rounds with 33 / 34 NFTs per round. The first mint will be on the 7th of September 2022. Those interested in purchasing PIXXTASY NFTs can sign up to the whitelist which starts on the 31st of August 2022; anyone who signs up will have a chance of being selected and allowed to purchase one of PIXXTASY’s NFTs. 

PIXXTASY has two main taglines: “DON’T USE. JUST OWN IT.” And “BE A HEALER”, advocating against drug use as well as helping others to quit.

Zoltán Egri’s Story

PIXXTASY was created by a man who managed to overcome a two-year battle with drug addiction, Zoltán Egri saw the potential for good in NFTs and their widespread use in the modern world, especially with the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies in everyday life. Reflecting on his experiences he explained his observations as to how since the pandemic the world is heading to a more digital future with NFTs becoming the norm:

“Art has always provided me with a different perspective; I’ve created digital content and aim to continue making more. I’ve been through a lot, I was an employee, a manager, a 5-minute star, a lover, a cheater, a rich person, a drug addict and then I got clean. PIXXTASY was formed due to the combination of events from my life.” – Zoltán Egri on the project (translated and adjusted for English).

KingIT Solutions and PIXXTASY:

KingIT Solutions’ goal is to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs or SMBs). KingIT Solutions primarily designs and creates Mobile and Web Applications, websites and web shops, while also helping with Digital Marketing and Content Production.

KingIT Solutions and its CEO Edvard Bene are working closely with the PIXXTASY project as the Business Development Advisor, working on creating the project’s website, supporting marketing and also the development of NFTs for the project.


BSW are a hip hop group from Hungary, they are a 2-person rap group with the addition of a DJ, the two main members are Gábor Ferenczei ‘Gaben’ (lyrics & rap) and Mátyás Sziklai ‘Meklód’ (lyrics, rap & musical choreography). They have been making music for over 12 years and have partnered with PIXXTASY to help promote its anti-drug message by bringing together crypto, music and NFTs.

Using their large viewership of over 20 million, BSW can help spread the word about the project, educate their viewers on the effects of drug use as well as support PIXXTASY.

Twitter: pixxtasy

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixxtasy.nft/

Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixxtasy.nft

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pixxtasy/

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/KKgWGuWgZR

Website: www.pixxtasy.io

Linktree: www.pixxtasy.com


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