The Artists Rights Society to Launch Arsnl NFT Platform

Arsnl is a new NFT platform created by the Artists Rights Society (ARS), which from 1987 has championed artists’ intellectual property rights and protected their legacies. The launch of the new digital platform takes place on September 9th, with a drop of 2,200 NFTs by Frank Stella.

Eighty-six-year-old Stella is an American artist who began his artistic journey as a leading light in the Minimalist art movement of the 1950s and ’60s. Later in his career, he rose to fame for his misshaped forms and oversized multi-media reliefs.

Stella has been an active member of the ARS since its inception.

Arsnl Digital platform

The ARS has fought and pleaded with governments for artistic protections for many years, and they will bring the Artists Rights Society ethos to the Arsnl. They bring their technical and legal expertise to the project. Artist first policies will apply to all drops, including artists’ entitlement to resale royalties.

The platform has been in the making for the last 18 months, in which time, they have reached out and listened to the concerns of ”traditional artists, institutions, and collectors, whilst receiving advice and guidance from many in the crypto community”.

According to Arsnl founder Katarina Feder, “Arsnl will guide artists and partners through the creation of digital projects and works of art on the blockchain.”

Even amid a crypto winter, the team are confident of success, even as major NFT marketplaces see less volume. Their website states,

“Through curated exhibitions, auctions, and key strategic partnerships, Arsnl creates new economies for blue-chip and legacy artists while connecting digital creators to traditional collectors and global brands,”

The Frank Stella NFT collection

Frank’s first digital collection is named ‘Geomitries’. The series consists of 22 digital sculptures in his trademark austere structural style. Arsnl will release each sculpture in editions of 100.

Frank Stella’s new NFTs come at an across-the-board price of $1000 each. That price for a piece of Stella’s artwork should tempt many collectors in the digital art space.

Furthermore, it comes with a unique utility which should help make up the mind of any collector thinking of investing in a digital Stella sculpture. Wait for it, and I love this!!!

Buying Frank Stella’s digital sculptures grants the owner full rights to create physical reproductions of their NFT on any scale. All you need is a 3D printer. Please note that Stella will receive a percentage of resale royalties.

Future collections

With a roster of over 122,000 ARS artists and creators worldwide, there are sure to be many collaborations ahead. Amongst those slated for future drops is a collaborative project between generative artist Anna Lucia and the Quilters of Gee’s Bend. Future digital projects of note are drops from legacy artists Leonora Carrington and LeRoy Neiman.


The digital space and blockchain technology are bringing to fruition what the artist rights society has been fighting for all these years. Finally, with Web3 technology, artists will have resale rights for every NFT sold.

If you want the chance to have your own Stella sculpture, you can add your name to the whitelist on their website. It is not known how many are on the list.


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