NAS Academy to Launch Web3 Learning Library NFTs

Nas Academy has joined forces with Invisible College, enabling ‘Decentralien’ NFT holders access to exclusive Web3 educational content.

Through the partnership with Invisible College, Nas Academy aims to empower students with ownership over their Web3 studies.

Decentralien NFTs are currently available on the Magic Eden marketplace for 7 SOL, or $276 at the time of writing.

What do you get with a Decentralien NFT?

One Decentralien NFT grants an all-access pass to the Invisible College, which was “created by the Decentraliens to escape their planet and build a new school based on the principles of creative expression and free exploration.”

The NFT will unlock a library of exclusive courses by leading instructors and creators, allowing students to become experts in the emerging technological innovations.

Moreover, a membership NFT grants owners access to an exclusive community and rewards its members with loyalty perks like merchandise or discounts.

Empowered Web3 students

Crucially, through Decentralien NFTs, students will be empowered to sell, trade and give away their NFT membership once they’re finished with it.

Due to the nature of NFTs, proof of ownership is absolute and irrefutable, underwritten by smart contracts stored on the blockchain.

Therefore, there’s potential for Web3 students to make back their original investment, or at least part of it.

Once they are finished with the resources, they could sell their NFT on the open marketplace.

After that, the next student could then benefit from the resources, as long as they had the Decentralien NFT in their wallet.

The project’s main goal is to educate and funnel an abundance of talent into the Web3 realm.

Alex Dwek, COO of NAS Academy said: “Together we plan to build the largest community of learners, builders and investors to help serve the wider Web3 ecosystem.”

Credit: NAS Academy

What is the Invisible college?

Invisible College has been operating as a Web3 educational source since December 2021.

Their concept is NFTs as tuition credit, enabling access to recorded lessons, fireside chats, and lectures ranging from ‘Intro to Web3’ to ‘Investing in the Metaverse’.

Nick deWilde, co-founder of the Invisible College, said: “Combining a catalogue of high-quality courses with an NFT collection is a fundamentally new way to empower students with their own education.”

Classes, which will be free for Decentraliens NFT holders starting from September 1st, normally range from $49 to $597.

Among the titles are: ‘How to Launch an NFT Project’, taught by influencer Zeneca and ‘Bored Ape Yacht Club Explained’ by a BAYC investor.

Benefits of the tuition NFTs include cohort learning, group-based instruction, live interactive sessions and monthly Zoom meetups with crypto experts.

As for NAS Academy, they recently raised $12 million in a Series B funding round led by Pitango, BECO Capital, FTX and HOF Capital.

They offer an ever-expanding selection of courses for crypto-curious investors and creators.

Courses are taught by some of the world’s leading Web3 instructors, like Nusier Yassin, Project Nightfall and Ben Yu.

Now, starting from September 1st, Decentralien NFT holders will be able to gain full access to all these Web3 learning resources.


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