Can I Mix You A Drink: A New NFT Collection Inspired By T-Pain On has curated a whole NFT collection based around famous American rapper ‘T-Pain’ which is inspired from his own cocktail recipe book called ‘Can I Mix You A Drink?’ or CIMYAD.  The CIMYAD collection will feature animations of various T-Pain cocktails including a recipe for each.  But what has T-Pain got to do with cocktails?

Well… and to quote T-Pain himself:

“You know, a lot of my music is about drinking.”

Some of T-Pain’s greatest tracks all stemmed from alcohol and cocktail inspired themes, here are just a few of his track names: “Buy U a Drank,” “Bartender”, “Blame It (On the Alcohol)”,  “Tipsy”, “Bottlez” and “Drankin’ Patna”.  

Due to his love of cocktails, T-Pain eventually decided to create his own book of cocktails with his own spin on each cocktail.  He decided to name the recipe book “Can I Mix You a Drink?” which was after his prior no.1 hit single.  

T-Pain and Cocktails

So where did this love of cocktails actually steam from?  Well, for starters his wife of almost two decades is actually a certified mixologist so some inspiration must have been gathered from there.  But not only that, T-Pain’s parents are actually restaurateurs and owned a restaurant named ‘Fish-N-D Pocket’, so it’s clear that a passion for food and drink runs through the family.

The T-Pain Team

T-Pain, however, couldn’t publish the recipe all on his own.  He decided to teamed up with Maxwell Britten who is a renowned mixologist in order to ‘tone down’ some of his cocktails. 

In a recent interview when asked how T-Pain came up with all the individual recipes he said:

“We started out the process with me naming different cocktails that I enjoy. Anytime I travel around for my shows or anything else, I always try to find out what the popular or specialty drink is in that spot — and from that, I had a long list! 

Once we had the cocktails, we discussed how we could put my “T-Pain spin” on them. When I’m making cocktails at home, I never follow the standard recipe and I always make it my own. So yeah, we did that in the book.

After we nailed down the cocktails, I attached them to one of my singles that they reminded me of.

Maxwell then came in to handle the mixology, or else I would have gotten everyone drunk on the first cocktail. I have a heavy pour.”

T-Pain also sought the help of critically acclaimed author Kathy Landoli in order to formalise his life and work as well as publish a few of his own anecdotes.  T-Pain described his recipe book CIMYAD as something he wanted to do for a while but was somewhat restricted in terms of doing it in ‘his’ way.  He was only really able to get it going with the help of Kathy:

“When I recently became fully independent, I reconnected with Kathy Iandoli — who I was originally working on it with — and we finally were able to execute [‘Can I Mix You a,zxD Drink?’] the way I wanted to.”

Project Info

For further info and to see the whole intervixew with T-Pain at length surrounding his recipe book ‘CIMYAD’ click here.

If you are interested in potentially purchasing an NFT as part of T-Pain’s CIMYAD collection then everything you need to know is right here from a perspective.  

You should also check out the collections official page which includes full project details, NFT drops, and the roadmap.


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