NATOVERSE planet is ready for you, a land full of wealth, hidden in treasure boxes.


A world just like the real one, expansive and as big as our own, in which you cannot only fight and race, but also just relax and have a fun time. Want to go to the cinema? You can. Want to go boxing? You can. Visit a casino, the beach, or go skydiving. It is all possible thanks to NATOVERSE’s expansive multiverse that has seemingly no end to it. Be a part of something bigger than just a game, be part of NATOVERSE.

How long are you looking for a game where you have a plethora of options to choose from, from game modes, to exploring the entirety of the world? Scavenging, spying, applying advanced tactics, to succeed in obtaining treasure boxes, and instead of getting in-game rewards, you actually get $NATO, BTC, ETH or other currencies. You can finally play to earn, while having a truly fun and unique game to utilize this, without eventually getting bored. NATOVERSE is a game where strategy, skill, and intelligence will all come into play and let you experience the full potential of a metaverse and gaming.

NATOVERSE is a planet in the metaverse, in which you can compete in various gaming challenges to earn treasure boxes, filled with NATO tokens and crypto coins, namely, BTC, ETH, LTC among others.

Imagine a game with a world in which you can fight in Natocombat, a blockchain game in which you can use NFTs, such as weapons, soldiers, vehicles, to blaze into a base protected by guards, skilled trained elites that will give you a challenge. The better you and your weapon gets the faster and easier it becomes. Or are you more of a skillful spy who will plan out the best optimal route to sneak and get to the treasure box by sneaking past them. Creating elaborate plans, scanning out the area to get every bit of advantage and then stealing it without them even knowing. Not only do you have to steal the treasure box, but survive with it, because you lose the loot if you die. Deliver it home and then open it to secure the $NATO, BTC, ETH or any other coins inside the box.

You can own your own home, decorate it and fill it with your personal tastes and show off your earned riches. Such as a garage full of your cars or a wall dedicated to your favorite weapons you collected.

Not much of a combatant or spy? NATOVERSE has you covered. Maybe you are more of a skilled racer and you will take part in Natorace and use your skill and quality of vehicle to win the race. Get your motorbike or vehicle, fill it with gas and compete with up to 5 to 20 other players and race for a treasure box filled with $NATO, BTC, ETH, USDT or any other coins in the box.

A world that evolves with players

The world of NATO constantly moves with players and the economy of the game. Your game choices influence and change the world around you. Interact with other players and immerse yourself in the community. Be the one to make big changes or enjoy the small simple things as you ride the flow of what others are doing. Join or Form groups and tag along with them. You and your friends can own the world. If you have what it takes.

Realistic Gameplay

Not only does NATOVERSE look real, it plays real as well. Drive your car around when suddenly you are out of fuel? You find the first nearby gas station to fuel it back up. Fueling your car with gas is either paid in $NATO, or in the station’s own currency such as $BNB if you run into a Binance owned gas station, for example. Anyone can get their vehicles repaired in order to keep them at best performance and keep their highest value. Breaking a vehicle breaks it forever, making the stakes that much higher. A good thing to implement to prevent this from happening is getting insurance on the vehicle. Like in the real world, there are police so you cannot drive recklessly unless you are eager to pay fines. Currently, they are NPCs that enforce the laws on players. Police gameplay for players might be available in the future as well. You can spy out and be a pure mastermind at your craft, securing your treasure box without a trace. Spy out the location of the treasure box and plan your future attack. Or embrace the chaotic side of you and go in guns blazing and tear your enemies to shreds as an elite commando you are.

Gamer fueled economy

Generated Revenue will be redistributed back to the community through treasure boxes and staking pool

30% Staking pool

40% Treasure boxes

20% Marketing

10% Reserve


Not to mention, you can also choose to rent them out. This generates a steady income without you having to play the game. This is very useful if your schedule is busy and you have no time to play the game. Just rent your stuff and earn.

Rent out your weapon or vehicle, and much more. Your skill and use of NFTs, like soldiers that can help you with various tasks, can bring you to the top as you earn NATO tokens.

Making in-game transactions comes with discounts, compared with standard prices on the marketplace. So it is much easier to get the very NFTs you want.

You do not have a need for that weapon anymore? Sell it. You do not want that car? You can sell them too. You can sell all of your weapons, cars, bikes, and other vehicles as well as soldiers to other players. But watch out for things like damaged cars as they can lose value.


Binance smart chain (BSC) which boosts functionality and compatibility of Ethereum and is optimized for ultra-fast trading.

The most notable being:

  • Reducing the blockchain time to 5 seconds or less
  • Limited time requirement for transaction finality, within the range of 1 minute or less
  • Explicit compatibility with Ethereum systems.

Nato welcomes you all to join their colossal metaverse. And start playing and earning now!


Are you prepared for amazing races to start off your NATOVERSE experience? Well, get ready, as NATOVERSE’s first game mode, Natorace, is coming soon, first to launch!

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