Opensea Solana launchpad first project coming 20 July

OpenSea announced the opening of their Solana launchpad with two Solana projects from Solana creators chosen as the inaugural projects on the world’s largest NFT marketplace. The first Zoonies will launch n the 20th of July, followed by a second, Monkai, on the 26th of July.

Their blog states that Opensea has faith in a multi-chain future where collectors on their marketplace can connect to a range of different blockchains and browse NFTs.

Over the last year, Solana has become one of the most popular blockchains with a high volume of NFT projects and sales. OpenSea stated that “Solana has emerged among the top blockchains for NFTs, and we share their vision of a scalable and inclusive NFT ecosystem.”

We are sure creators on the blockchain are over the moon.

New Solana Launchpad Experience

OpenSea will make launching their Solana NFT projects as painless as possible. Creators can execute a new mint from pre-mint activities to post-mint and secondary sales. Furthermore, the Solana launchpad experience will allow list minting for the community and supporters.

To begin, OpenSea unveiled they will start the launchpad experience with two Solana creators. OpenSea will guide creators and study the process and any chinks that need fixing. Once the process is running smoothly, they are committed to extending the Solana experience to other NFT projects.

However, for now, we will have to be content with the two collections chosen.

Zoonies NFT collection

Zoonies NFTs

The Zoonies are a collection of cute mutants from the planet Zoon. Their lore tells of a time, thousands of years ago when they decided to cut themselves off from other civilisations. The status quo changed, and they now allow humans to partake of the joys of their wondrous planet.

The collection consists of 8888 Zoonies that will become available to mint on the 20th of July on the OpenSea NFT marketplace. Zoonies utility includes playable arcade games (roulette and slots), 2D metaverse with 10,000 apartments and staking.


Monkai collection

Monkai is an anime narrative-driven NFT project where holders of a Monkai NFT create the anime narrative and access utility via Monkai DAO.

They plan a gaming metaverse where Yokai Demons and Monkai bloodlines fight to protect and conquer the land of Edo, Japan. The mint takes place on the OpenSea NFT marketplace on the 26th of July.

Solana on OpenSea

Solana NFTs have been available to purchase, sell and transfer on OpenSea since April. The new launchpad will complete the circle for a Solana-centric NFT experience on OpenSea.


It is great to see OpenSea give access to NFTs across blockchains. The launchpad aims to make the new mint experience painless with pre-mint activities and help with secondary sales.

The Solana launchpad experience should pave the way for other blockchains to be added to the OpenSea marketplace.

Finally, after last week’s OpenSea news of 20% staff cuts, it feels good to be reporting on positive developments.


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