Metropolis World Announces Partnership With Flare to Enable Interoperable Metaverse Vision

Metropolis World has announced its plans to create a seamless metaverse within 24 months, underpinned by its partnership with Flare blockchain. 

This follows a successful seed funding round from a group of high-profile investors including communications expert Roland Rudd, senior investment banker Henrik Aslaksen, gaming and consumer sector entrepreneurs Billy Levy and Zack Zeldin, and venture capital firm Outlier Ventures.

The 360-degree curated universe will blend unique properties, e-commerce, gaming, art and experiences that merge the digital and real world.

Rashid Ajami, co-founder of Metropolis World, said: “Metropolis will offer a metaverse experience unlike anything else out there. We see huge scope for the platform globally as the melding of digi-physical immersive experiences for our users blends into one life, but not just in our capital cities of the metaverse, but on other platforms too thanks to our partnership with Flare.”

Every building in Metropolis City will be a bespoke, hand-drawn, 1/1 NFT. 

The platform’s first city is called ‘Celeste’ and is launching in the fall, with its avatars and e-commerce platform to be dropped over the next 12 months. 

Within 18 months, Metropolis City expects to launch six cities with each property to be sold as an NFT. 

A distinguishing aspect of Metropolis City’s plans is the seamless movement by users between different ecosystems and blockchains. 

Indeed, Flare blockchain secures the safe flow of assets and information between chains & metaverses. This is achieved through decentralized and insured multilateral bridging, cross-chain relay, and the integration of real-world data in Web3 dapps.

According to co-founder Rashid Ajami, Flare’s technology will enable Metropolis City to realize its vision.

He added: “The backing of Flare enables us to offer users the seamless movement between different metaverse ecosystems – this really sets us apart and reflects our big picture vision of how the metaverse is going to evolve.” 

Hence, the partnership with Flare will create a bridge without borders between various metaverse worlds. 

Although far from completion, a strong network of support around Metropolis World has already been established. 

This includes a wide range of high-profile ambassadors from the worlds of music, art, gaming, NFT, crypto, and business, whom it is calling its founding citizens.

Among these founding citizens are popular entertainers and music producers like 3LAU, Steve Aoki, and Boys Noize, as well as social media personalities like Bored Elon.

Moreover, Metropolis World differentiates itself from other metaverse platforms due to its design aesthetic. For example, its cities are being created digitally by hand and every property is a unique piece of art, as opposed to being generative art. 

Ultimately, Metropolis World promises fantastical cities, living paintings, and a multi-faceted virtual ecosystem rich with lore, crafted by its team of developers. 

The first NFT drop, launching in September, will be for over 500 story-driven and dynamic NFTs within its first city, Celeste. 

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