TAG Heuer Rolls Out NFT-Powered Smartwatch

TAG Heuer, the renowned, reputable, and luxury Swiss watchmaker, has decided to introduce a brand new NFT-based smartwatch. You can now get Android Connected TAG Heuer’s Calibre E4 smartwatch to display the most collectible digital work of art straight from your wrist. With TAG Heuer’s smartwatch, these virtual artworks ensure the verification of ownership in an instant.

Impressive Connectivity of TAG Heuer’s E4 Smartwatch

The announcement of Android Connected TAG Heuer’s Calibre E4 smartwatch became public back in February 2022 in Paris. The focus of TAG Heuer is to pair its smartwatches with NFT and blockchain capabilities. In the past, the luxury smartwatch brand has shown an interest in the NFT and blockchain.

But it didn’t take long for TAG Hueur to partner up with the NFT community like BAYC and Clone-X. Tech and market experts believe this partnership will help the luxury smartwatch maker to showcase NFTS as well as ensure connectivity across crypto wallets like Ledger Live and MetaMask.

Functionality TAG Heuer’s Connected Calibre E4 Smartwatch

According to the TAG Heuer, the functionality of the Connected Calibre E4 smartwatch is straightforward. You can use TAG Heuer’s smartwatch to transfer NFTs through a paired smartphone. The smartwatch is designed to support animated and static NFT artwork. It means you can transfer a variety of NFTs at the same time. As per TAG Heuer, people can also resize their NFT artwork and choose from three available designs for placement.

Additional Capabilities of Connected Calibre E4 Smartwatch

When it comes to added capabilities of TAG Heuer’s smartwatch, people can manage and display a wide range of NFT artwork. TAG Heuer understands that some types of NFTs work solely as images, whereas some NFTs work as animated GIFs. Fortunately, TAG Heuer’s smartwatch is suitable for multiple NFT formats without losing any details of the image or GIFs.

But the hallmark aspect of TAG Heuer’s smartwatch is that it can interconnect with the blockchain and then verify NFTs by the watch wearer and owner. Technically, TAG Heuer points out that watch owners and wearers will be able to see verified NFT in a hexagon format with cloud elements circling the image.

Free Update and More Focus on Blockchain Projects

The Calibre E4 smartwatch wearers would be able to get a free update of this newly added NFT functionality from Google Play and Apple’s App Store without issues. So far, it has become clear that TAG Heuer wants to be part of the Web3 space. The watchmaker now employs in-house developers to work on blockchain-based projects.

Partnership with BitPay

Not too long ago, TAG Heuer successfully managed to partner with BitPay. This partnership makes it possible for TAG Heuer to accept payments in BTC and other cryptocurrencies. Although the NFT-based smartwatch is not a new concept, more and more watchmaker brands now want to be part of the NFT and Web3 space.

Long-term Value

With the mainstream adoption of NFTs, prestigious brands like TAG Heuer understand that they should be at the forefront to roll out new NFT-supported and blockchain-powered devices. According to Frédéric Arnault, CEO of Tag Heuer, the NFT-based smartwatch display has an edge, over traditional static images. Arnault also noted an increased and heightened value of modern digital artwork. This, in turn, propels consumers to share and collect more NFTs.


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