DNNR Gets Featured in NFT NYC Ahead of Their June 30th Drop

London, June 29, 2022 – DNNR was proud to be featured in Times Square during the 2022 NFT NYC event, which took place between June 20 and 23. Dubbed the “Super Bowl of NFTs”, NFT NYC  is the largest, most-respected NFT conference in the world. The event is held annually and is committed to giving the NFT community a voice and educating the world about NFTs.

This year’s conference was held in Times Square and attracted more than 15,000 NFT artists and enthusiasts. The featured placement comes days before DNNRs official NFT release on June 30.

NFT Membership Club taking a Global Approach

DNNR is a startup that is aiming to transition the hospitality world to a more modern, Web 3.0 approach. It plans to do this by blending the world of NFTs with hospitality to create the first membership club focused on dining and nightlife. The project offers an exclusive NFT membership club where holders can access premium locations and events.

DNNR is all about real-world utility. It started in London, working within the city’s vibrant restaurant scene to give its community access to new and established high-end venues.

The ultimate goal is to expand to other major cities worldwide. Like-minded people from all over the world can join the club and enjoy members-only menus, events and parties. They will also enjoy VIP treatment at partner venues with special perks like last-minute reservations, welcome cocktails, and meet-the-chef opportunities.


Redefining the Membership Club

DNNR is out to revitalize the dining club scene and make it much more exciting for its target Members. These are people with a shared passion for lifestyle, tech and innovation, out to have a good time. They will get to connect with other like-minded Members at private events and meetups.

The first meetups will happen physically. However, as DNNR grows across multiple locations, they will host events to connect DNNR members from all over the world.

The benefits of this move extend beyond DNNR’s membership club. By attracting a younger demographic, affiliated businesses get to stay relevant. They also have the opportunity to build a presence in the metaverse – a technology already shaping the future in more ways than one.

That way, DNNR partner venues get access to new marketing channels and revenue streams.

About the DNNR Team

DNNR was founded by Ivana Salamone. Ivana has a finance background and a strong passion for connecting and organizing events. She discovered her passion for creating communities while traveling the world and living in cities such as London, Milan, Buenos Aires and Los Angeles.

Ivana is joined by Graceland, painter and digital artist who created the DNNR Membership cards and will design the Metaverse experience. The rest of the DNNR team is made of experts in various areas of luxury and hospitality.

Together, their goal is to redefine the traditional luxury and hospitality experience with a digital-first approach relying on blockchain as well as the team’s global network of communities, brands and venues. 

Get in touch with DNNR

Company Website: https://dnnr.io/

Company Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dnnr.io/?hl=en

Company Discord: https://discord.gg/F8td2WuYEz


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