DeFi OTC Desk Marsbase introduces the new ADAM-X NFT collection

Marsbase, the first decentralized platform for OTC trading recently presented its ADAM-X NFT collection. Holders will get trading discounts, access to private OTC communities and token sale rounds.

The ADAM-X collection consists of 2000 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Token holders will receive:

  • 90% less trading fees on Marsbase,
  • priority access to private rounds of the MBase token sale,
  • private access to the VIP OTC desk with the hottest P2P deals with the highest arbitrage discount,
  • 2x bonuses for farming, staking and referral program.

Investors will be able to purchase NFT ADAM-X through public drops starting from the second half of July 2022. To participate in the drop, you need to fill out a Google form and to join our growing community in twitter & telegram.

“We estimate that trading volume on the Marsbase platform over the next 12 months will exceed $500 million. The exclusive NFT collection of 2,000 ADAM-X provides membership access to this huge OTC marketplace ecosystem. Marsbase and ADAM-X are binded: the implementation of new features on the platform will affect both the price and properties of the NFT,” says Denis Isaulov, COO and Product Director of Marsbase.

He also noted that the Marsbase team has partnered with several crypto bloggers and influencers to launch the collection. They will get exclusive access to the NFT.

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About Marsbase

Marsbase is the world’s first decentralized OTC platform for anonymous trading of crypto assets in large volumes. P2P transactions take place at a fixed rate which means no slippage or price impact on traded tokens. All transactions on Marsbase are made without intermediaries using smart contracts in BSC and Ethereum networks. The platform will soon switch to cross-chain, which will significantly expand the choice of currency pairs. In addition, Marsbase will provide the opportunity to trade vested tokens.

In May 2022, the total volume of venture transactions in DeFi sector amounted to $176.3 million. While as in April, the share of the DeFi sector in the total influx of venture investments in the blockchain industry fell to 9% against 18% in April.


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