Move-To-Earn Games Gaining Ground: Top 5 Move To Earn Games

Just when we think we have got a hang of the opportunities Web3 has to offer its users, there comes another wave. Move-to-earn games are those that reward their players monetarily for engaging in various forms of physical activity, whether it be walking, cycling, or something else entirely.

While some may think that the move-to-earn innovation must have stemmed from “play-to-earn” games, that is not entirely accurate. Games that require active physical participation from their players to progress have been around for a while. For example, Nintendo’s Pokemon Go, released in 2016, worked so that the players had to move around to capture Pokémon creatures. The creatures only appeared on their screen once the players were within range, and players would try to capture them by throwing Poké balls. 

Similarly, users of Move-to-Earn get incentives to participate in activities that promote physical fitness. They get rewarded for leading healthy lifestyles as a result of their participation. Below you will find an overview of some of the most successful move-to-earn projects. This idea is a rapidly expanding part of Web3 that gives people autonomy over their personal data, as well as the ability to make money off it. Some Move to Earn NFTs are expensive.

Top 5 Move To Earn Games on Web3


Stepn app

You can define STEP can as a FitFi move-to-earn app built on the Binance Smart Chain Network that pays you for walking. To participate, users have to buy a total of 19,000 STEP tokens. Once they join the game, users have the ability to wager their STEP tokens in order to receive additional incentives. You need to take a minimum of 4,000 steps per day to be eligible for rewards.


The Calo software uses both a GPS tracker and a motion sensor to keep track of your workout activities and turn them into earnings. You have the option of maintaining any tokens or NFTs that you earn in the built-in wallet, or you can sell them for a profit. You can use the FIT token for in-game transactions and the CALO token for governance and utility purposes. Furthermore, you can gain stamina through physical activity, with each unit lasting for five minutes.


Players of the mobile role-playing game Genopets get rewarded with in-game currency and NFTs for moving about while playing the game. The objective of the game which is on the Solana platform is to encourage players to lead healthier lifestyles by walking more frequently. I

Players must purchase a Genopet, a computerized animal spirit which is integrated into the player’s actual personality, to play. It is an NFT that has the capability of being improved and customized. They evolve as players complete new challenges and update their data, which translates into experience points (XP).


Sweatcoin is a game that grants rewards when you walk or run. You get one SWEAT point for every 1,000 steps that you take. Next, you can make purchases in the Sweatcoin marketplace with your SWEAT. The marketplace includes electronic goods, workout equipment, and gift cards. Additionally, you can utilize SWEAT to make investments in other assets or cryptocurrencies. 


Using the G-Sensor tech built into every smartphone, Metz monitors the user’s body motions and then translates those movements into real-time data. The growth of the NFT rewards it grants depends on physical activity and completing challenges. It is compatible with mobile platforms such as Android and iOS and is powered by the Solana blockchain.


Even as more and more move-to-earn games flood the market as interest increases in earning on Web3, this is still a great time to check them out. We have listed some of the popular ones on the market. You can also read our blog on play-to-earn games to learn more about earning via Web3 gaming.


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