Splinterlands Launches ‘Splinterlands TV’ on Twitch

Leading blockchain game Splinterlands (SPS) has launched its round-the-clock SplinterlandsTV channel. 

Splinterlands TV is now available for nearly 24-hour viewing, with active users streaming at all levels.

In the channel, users discuss the game’s economy, player strategies, the lending and trading scene, and beyond.

With more than 2 million users in 146 different countries, the game has already established itself as one of the greats of blockchain gaming.

Indeed, the popular game recently reached a personal milestone of over 2 billion plays and still attracts hundreds of new users daily.

Now, they’ve added an educational rung to the experience, which founder and CEO Jesse Reich believes will be huge for the community.

He said: “I built this from the ground up. I’m HR, systems operations, project management. It’s been a ton of work. And it’s really exciting now that we are close to having this 24-hour streaming channel with so many people from around the world signed up to stream, in multiple languages.”

“People get to see the game being played at all levels, which helps them decide to play Splinterlands and stick around for the long haul,” he continued. “It’s huge for community empowerment–everyone benefits together, and this also brings in a lot of new gamers. It’s turned into such a multi-layered thing and the only limit is imagination. It’s remarkable.” 

SplinterlandsTV reveals the passion and personal investment so many players are cultivating within the game. 

No matter what time a player tunes into the channel, they can learn something from the community.

There are beginners and experts playing at all levels, players fixated on the in-game fantasy world and those engrossed by the game’s ‘tokenomics’.

What is more, players are explaining to listeners how to effectively advance through the game’s levels and master its reward system.

Splinterlands’ Sales and Marketing Operator, who goes by the pseudonym r0nd0n, previously worked with Reich on a web-based radio station MSP Waves on the Hive blockchain.

While SplinterlandsTV has been a long process and hard work, he believes the pay-off is extraordinary.

He said: “We couldn’t have SplinterlandsTV and everything it is without seriousness and passion from both the company and our community members. We couldn’t do it without a company that wants to take risks and is very confident in their game.”

“It’s all such a clear sign of assurance in this game and the desire of so many to share it with the world.”

The channel is available on Twitch, the renowned streaming service used by gamers globally.

The station is already drawing in new users, getting them quickly oriented in the game basics and adapting players to everything to do with the game. 

One streaming contributor, VenapGames, said: “[SplinterlandsTV’s 24-hour streaming] is an initiative never seen before–not even in the largest and most competitive games.”

“The launch of SplinterlandsTV on Twitch opens the doors for the game to be seen on one of the most important streaming platforms for AAA and non-competitive games.”

A unique resource, SplinterlandsTV is ensuring user retention, community formation and engagement.

As a result, the obstacles faced by gamers are being surmounted, barriers broken down and Splinterlands continues to be a force in the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

SplinterlandsTV allows us to bring voices, faces, laughs, and the personalities behind the cards to life,” another streamer, Holoz0r, said. “It is an amazing reminder that on the end of every other battle is a blood-hungry tactician.”

SplinterlandsTV is available for nearly 24-hour viewing at its channel on Twitch


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