Will Offer an NFT-based Domain to 83 Million Wallet Holders

In a new turn of events, announced that it will roll out blockchain-powered NFT domains for millions of wallet users. The announcement came into effect after a new partnership of with Unstoppable Domains, which offers Web3 services and a digital identity platform.

Shared Objective and Purpose of the Partnership

Since the finalization of the partnership with Unstoppable Domains, the company has affirmed that 83 million wallet holders of will be able to gain free access to the blockchain-based NFT domain. In no time, has become a leader in the crypto landscape and continues to explore uncharted territories.

What’s interesting is that the partnered firm, Unstoppable Domains, operates as an identity-based company that offers Web3 services. So far, the Unstoppable Domains has issued around 2.5 million registered usernames.

Mechanics of the Blockchain 

Technically, a “.blockchain” name of the domain will be able to replace an extended alphanumeric address on the crypto wallet. It means wallet users will no longer be forced to use their long addresses. In fact, this approach will give users more freedom to transfer the funds to a more suitable name like “david.blockchain”. 

Use Cases and Compatibility of the New Feature from

What’s more is that users can take advantage of “.blockchain names” for specific Web3 identifiers and make transactions with metaverse apps, social media platforms, decentralization applications, and other marketplaces. Officially, believes that the new feature is bound to help over 80 million wallet users leverage the non-custodial wallet of the firm.

Through blockchain-powered domains, users can receive and send crypto easily via email and save their unique identity within Web3. The announcement from also clarifies that the Unstoppable Domain partnership would serve in the best interests of the wallet holders. It is also first of its kind TLD or top-level domain initiative that would make it easier to share and transfer funds with millions of wallet users.

Users Can Hold onto a Specific Domain Name Forever 

As a wallet holder, if you claim a blockchain-based NFT domain, that user can hold onto that domain name forever. The company also wants to dive into the Polygon blockchain to mint different NFT domains without renewal charges or minting fees.

After the announcement from, Unstoppable Domains added that the blockchain-powered domains will become available soon through the official web portal of the company.


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