PopCom to Launch Historic Vending Machine NFTs in NYC

PopCom will launch the NFT drop ‘NYers Collection’ through a vending machine on June 20th in New York City.

In a collaboration with New York artist Christopher ‘KNXTTI’ Green, 10 NFTs will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

The launch will take place from noon ET to 2pm ET at the Hilton in Midtown and the sale continues from June 20th until June 24th.

For a fee of $500, the NFT collector will receive a high-quality print of the NYers Collection, dispensed from the machine, together with a QR code to mint a digital NFT.

The NYers Collection celebrates a host of iconic New York celebrities, including cartoon portraits of Biggie, Whoopi Goldberg, Mike Tyson, Jay-Z and Donald Trump.

In this merging of physical and digital utility, additional perks will be unlocked for the NFT owner following the genesis drop on June 20th.

CEO of PopCom, Dawn Dickson, said: “Artists have more ways to monetize their artwork than ever before, NFTs have been all the craze and we are now taking that a step further.”

She continued: “PopCom is providing artists with the ability to deliver art simultaneously in the physical and virtual worlds without galleries and auctions, artists can now sell peer to peer via automated vending.”

PopCom’s vending technology makes NFT transactions completely contactless and automated.

The concept is inspired by the cultural phenomenon of the ‘sneaker drop’, when fans clamor for limited-edition sneakers by their favorite designer.

“This is a sneaker drop, but for artists,” said Christopher ‘KNXTTI’ Green. “NFT artists aren’t used to people physically coming out to purchase their works. It’s all digital and disconnected. My collaboration with PopCom bridges the gap.”

The drop is part of PopCom’s PopShop initiative, which connects brands with consumers in high-traffic areas via their autonomous retail machines.

Artist Christopher Green, professionally knows as KNXTTI, is a multidisciplinary artist, who focuses on the contradictions of the human experience.

He originally delved into the realms of Web3 and NFTs in February 2021, as a means to verify ownership of his art.

Since then, he’s enjoyed personal success with NFTs and also inspired artists like Eight and Deecosey to follow suit, bringing their art to the digital world.

The inaugural vending machine drop by PopCom will be activated by Disrupt Art, a global marketplace that focuses on making NFTs accessible and providing real-world use for creators and collectors.

Disrupt Art will activate the NYers Collection as well as other NFT drops during the NFT.NYC event, which is set to draw thousands of NFT enthusiasts and project owners.


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