Enhancing the film experience through Metaverse and NFTs

We all watch movies. And as we can clearly see, they have evolved a lot nowadays, becoming irreplaceable experiences. From sound, image clarity to famous 3D experiences and interactive movies, films are mass-produced to give audiences unique moments.

Technology is advancing, and its impact on films is considerable. Many of you may have heard of the metaverse experience, which offers the opportunity to enter the virtual world. But what if movies were combined with the Metaverse, and we could be part of the action?

The impact of Metaverse

The Metaverse is a three-dimensional, highly interactive virtual world. Just like in the real world, users in the Metaverse can trade land, buildings, and other digital items and explore the space with their own avatars.

The Metaverse is the next big thing in technology, essentially a 3D version of the internet. 

However, it still has a long way to go before it becomes mainstream and popular with the general public. And to increase engagement, metaverse platforms should focus on user experience and lower entry barriers.

Metaverse has several advantages:

  • It connects the world and eliminates physical distance; 
  • It offers an immersive experience; 
  • It provides excellent social interactions online and new commercial prospects; 
  • And has the potential to push the social media concept to a whole new level. 

Besides what we’ve just mentioned, the Metaverse can also improve gaming, online learning, and education.

How will the Metaverse affect entertainment? 

First, it will be interactive, immersive, hyper-photorealistic, and operate in real-time across several displays. The very concept of the Metaverse is having a significant influence on in-vehicle entertainment, which is already undergoing a profound transformation.

As regards film production, there are huge implications for movie-making as far as the Metaverse is concerned. Avatars can be used to film in a virtual environment, or scenes shot in the real world can be projected into the Metaverse. This will reduce the demand for live locations, staff, and key filming equipment like lighting and sound.

NFTs and the film industry

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs are digital tokens minted on the blockchain. They are unique and secured by the blockchain. Their exclusivity draws most people to them, which is what Indian moviemakers are trying to tap into. 

Recently, NFTs have become an excellent means of movie promotion. And now, with the help of multi-D NFTs, the creators can tokenize 3D animations and offer them to the audience. 

What is a multi-D NFT?

The multi-D NFT is Kleks Academy’s invention. Each multi-D NFT is a 3D animated NFT with multiple sides containing graphics and information, offering a new way to experience a film. 

The owners of the multi-D NFTs will receive a vast array of unprecedented benefits, for example — a chance to visit the movie set during production or appear in the film. There will also be a special augmented reality app that will allow multi-D NFT holders to interact with the film itself.

Other examples of super incredible benefits include an opportunity to own original gadgets and costumes used in the movie or having access to special outtakes and a screening of the director’s cut. 

What do NFTs bring in entertainment?

The blockchain-based digital assets, NFTs, are a hot commodity in the entertainment industry. Everyone is claiming that tech and entire entertainment companies are basing their operation on the crypto and Web3 foundation.

NFTs function like digital trading cards or art — unique collectibles that can be acquired and sold in their most common current form. While some see the tech’s ascendance as a fad, others are unwilling to miss out on a potential new revenue stream, and the entertainment industry’s heaviest hitters are minting and buying NFTs of their own. 

What’s next?

Whether we’re talking about Metaverse, NFTs, or multi-D NFTs, the future of film looks very promising. 

We can embrace new technologies that take the film experience to a whole new level. Imagine how our present-day technology can help the new generation experience this magic beyond the silver screen. 

For the first time, the film experience can offer the viewer a chance to become a participant in the adventure. 


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