Metaverse Fashion Brand SUPRA NFT Sells Out on Opensea

Metaverse fashion brand SUPRA has sold out of their debut NFT collection ‘SUPRA Multiverse Stage 1’ – a collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) owner #7298.

SUPRA, which was acquired by Korean fashion brand F&F last year, has hailed itself as the first Korean fashion brand to enter the metaverse.

The ‘metafashion’ brand will grant holders of the NFTs physical and digital “twin reward” fashion items inspired by BAYC #7298 – SUPRA’s iconic outfits and footwear. Moreover, SUPRA NFT holders will receive an airdrop of a rare ‘STAGE 2’ NFT collection, which will feature SUPRA’s digital celebrity RARA – a humanoid born in the metaverse.

Holders of SUPRA NFTs will be able to wear their metafashion digital wearables in various metaverse platforms and games.

The innovative brand boasts the biggest market capitalization for fashion brands in the Korean stock market.

As part of their roadmap, SUPRA is planning several major NFT IP collaborations further down the line and their collaboration with artist Gharliera is scheduled for release this fall.

SUPRA is following in the footsteps of several major fashion brands, like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, who have already experimented with metaverse projects.

The Korean brand has created a compelling story to grip its Web3 audience, which involves the digital superstar RARA and several other characters including Rick Huxley – the Bored Ape #7298.

Other characters to feature in the SUPRA Multiverse will be RARA’s best friend BLOB and a robot named CB2515.

This collaboration utilizes the stardom of Bored Ape #7298, a rare leopard skin Ape, who dons a trendy SUPRA-inspired tracksuit. The Korean metafashion brand is leveraging the commercial success of BAYC to launch their own, unique image.

Further down the line, the brand plans to launch a webtoon featuring its Multiverse characters and eye-catching brand design. 

Founded in 2006 with roots in southern Californian skate culture, SUPRA is known for its modern design and innovative aesthetics.

Inheriting the brand’s legacy, SUPRA has been reborn as a metafashion brand, a boundless connection of virtual and physical fashion.

Thus, all SUPRA’s digital wearables for the metaverse will be available in the real world and holders of SUPRA NFTs will receive various experiences through SUPRA’s fashion business.

You can find out more about the SUPRA Multiverse on their website:

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