Axie Infinity’s Discord Hacked, Criminals Send Fake Minting Message

Axie Infinity, one of the most popular P2E BFT games, faced another hacking attempt on its Discord server earlier on Wednesday. The cybercriminals compromised the game’s Discord bot, MEE6, making it send out fake mint announcements. 

On May 18th, Axie Infinity officials took to Twitter to inform their followers about the recent hacking attempt on their Discord. In a series of tweets, the team explained that hackers breached their Discord server. The attackers managed to reprogram the server’s bot, MEE6, to make fake mint announcements. 

MEE6, Axie Infinity’s Discord Bot Gets Hacked

This Wednesday, Axie Infinity’s official Twitter account announced that their Discord server had fallen victim to another cyber attack in the early morning hours. 

MEE6 is a Discord bot mainly used to send notifications and mass messages. Unfortunately, hackers have taken over the popular Discord bot. They’ve manipulated it to add permissions to a fake Jiho account.

Luckily, the moderators managed to notice the fake announcement quickly. After confirming that the message was nothing more than a hoax, the moderators deleted it. However, the moderators also urged members to restart their Discord if they could still see the message. 

They also added that they don’t have any plans for surprise mints shortly, and if the members see any similar announcements, they should report them immediately. According to Axie Infinity developers, attacks such as these are nothing new. They claim that many crypto and NFT projects have faced similar problems over the past few years. 

MEE6 Support Channel Denies the Hack Happened

Despite the fact that the Axie Infinity alleges that a hacked MEE6 compromised their Discord community, the claims weren’t backed by the creators of the MEE6 bot. The Official MEE6 Discord channel denied claims of a hack. 

According to the announcement, the MEE6 developers were not contacted by the owners of Axie Infinity or the moderators of their Discord channel. However, the developers claim they’ve checked the situation with their engineers and detected no unusual activities during the last couple of days.

MEE6 Discord
Image Source: MEE6 Discord

Some speculate that the attackers compromised Axie Infinity admin accounts before utilizing the MEE6 bot. Theoretically, hiding behind an admin account could’ve allowed the perpetrators to hack the MEE6 and send out the fake minting message without being detected. 

Axie Infinity Ronin Bridge $650 Million Hack

It’s important to note that Axie Infinity has undergone several hacking attempts in recent months.

The Discord incident comes inside a month of one of the largest heists in Axie Infinity’s short history. The Ronin Bridge heist, which occurred on March 23rd, 2022, reportedly cost Axie Infinity’s founders approximately $650 million. 

Incidents such as these have damaged Axie Infinity’s reputation and brought down the NFT community’s confidence in the game.


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