Nate Trillo Launches EVERFYRE, Quadruples in Value in Three Weeks

Key Opinion Leader Nate Trillo Says Crypto and NFTs Are Drivers of Future Financial Success

Midlothian native, Nate Trillo launched the NFT, EVERFYRE on OpenSea in late February which has since generated more than $250,000 in net worth—creating a new financial opportunity for investors worldwide.

EVERFYRE launched 500 NFTs in late February at .2 Ethereum—equivalent to $500 USD. The NFT’s cost per token has quadrupled in three weeks. “Our most recent sales from the secondary market have been around $2,200 which is over four times the original mint price,” Trillo said.

The rising NFT is made in the image of Eve, a fiery character who represents the fierceness and strength of EVERFYRE.

“People are seeing financial opportunities in cryptocurrency and NFTs,” said Trillo. “EVERFYRE is on track to become a leading ‘Web3’ titan in the NFT space. We’re an all in one powerhouse launching utility-based projects in all untapped sectors of the NFT space. Whether it be music, fitness, restaurants or anything in between, EVERFYRE is the NFT brand looking to engrave our name all across the emerging NFT market.”

Nate's twitter avatar
Nate Trillo

Since 2019, Trillo has built a brand as a key opinion leader on cryptocurrency and NFT projects. His insight on Web 3.0 has influenced more than 45,000 investors in the worldwide digital space—leading the charge that NFTs are not just a trend, but a means of financial freedom.

“While we might be starting EVERFYRE within the music industry and acquiring rights from musicians and artists, we’re not stopping there,” said Trillo. “I see the technology behind NFTs changing our day-to-day lives just as social media has.”

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EVERFYRE is a one-stop NFT solution including development, branding, NFT marketing, networking, community management, video/audio production, music, creative directing, graphic design, communications and business development services.


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