Meta launches attractive physical Metaverse Store

The Web3 space is highly competitive, and over the last few months, new entrants have tried to make their mark in the space; here’s how Meta is trying to attract new customers

Cultivating a new class of Metaverse customers

The Web3 space is massive, and it has been in a perpetual state of growth over the last few months, with users and companies trying to make sense of the sector while carving out their niche. Meta is one of the most successful companies right now, and Meta knows that converting existing users to its platform might be a tall order; that’s why the company is taking a new direction to attract customers.

Meta is more interested in creating a new class of customers rather than going after existing ones. The company recently debuted its first physical store to try to push its Web3 products.

Meta recently debuted its first physical store, a 1,500-square-foot space with three primary offerings displayed on blonde wood shelves.

Speaking on the store, Martin Gilliard, Head of Meta Store, shared the following, “The store is essential for us to be another touchpoint for the consumer. What we will learn from this store will help inform if we continue to do more of these, but what we’re really looking for is the ability to tell a story and to get the feedback from the consumer.” 

Sometimes, in order to make the next great technological leap, a company might need to take a step back and utilize a more traditional strategy to engage and sensitize the public.

What can I do at the physical Meta store?

As Meta slowly evolves away from the business model that brought it unimaginable success and wealth, the company seems ready to become a hardware-driven tech company for the metaverse industry, leaving its days of primarily being an ad-supported social network in the past.

As mentioned earlier, Meta now operates a 1,500-square-foot space close to the company’s Reality Labs Headquarters in the city of Burlingame, California. Burlingame is less than 20 miles from downtown San Francisco using the fastest route for vehicles.

If you visit the store, you can enjoy the Quest Two virtual reality headset; that’ll help you better understand the numerous use cases for virtual reality. On the flip side, another thing to look forward to in the store is the Meta Ray-Ban stories “smart glasses” that can capture photos and videos to share on social platforms.

As if the first two offerings are not exciting enough, Meta is showcasing the portal, a video calling device the company believes will redefine how we work from home and keep in touch with loved ones globally.

Many visitors have pointed out the fact that the store isn’t in a busy pedestrian or shopping district as one of the features that make it stand out. Speaking on the location, Gilliard shared the following; “What I will say about the location is that it is accessible.”

We are sure there will be many more joint digital and physical items and stores related to the Metaverse.


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