‘Holograph’: An Omnichain NFT Tooling Enterprise for all Secures $6.5M in VC Funding

CXIP Labs are the tech company behind the rollout of Holograph: an omnichain NFT tooling suite for creators, developers, and enterprises.  CXIP Labs has recently announced a huge $6.5 million series seed financing round led by some serious players including the first funding round being co-led by Countside Ventures and Wave Financial.  

About Holograph

In a space where interoperability between blockchains is key in order for the space to develop, CXIP Labs and Holograph aim to reduce that barrier through their omnichain NFT experience.  Holograph will roll out NFT products for all those concerned in the space, whether that be, devs, creators, or enterprises.  

Projects include:

  • Bridge: A cross-chain NFT bridge enabling NFTs to move seamlessly between EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) blockchains.  This is done using CXIP’s patented ‘holographic bridging’ technology and is the first bridge of its kind.
  • Core: An omnichain minting and bridging API for developers.
  • Mint: An NFT minting interface for creators with no-code.

About the Backers of Holograph

Venture Capital funding for the Holograph project has come in from everywhere and aside from the aforementioned Courtside Ventures and Wave Financial, backing has also come in from some huge strategic angel investors. Here is a list of some of the investors involved with the project: Vaynerfund, Diplo, Gmoney, Nadya from Pussy Riot, Justin Aversano, Arca NFT Fund, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Kenetic Capital, Mirana Ventures, Company Ventures, Avalaunch, Soma Capital, Kosmos VC, and Palm Drive Capital.  

These investors are extremely bullish on the omnichain NFT project and here is what a few of them had to say:

Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerFund was very enthusiastic about CXIP Labs’ background in supporting artists and web3 and had this to say:

“The CXIP Labs team has a proven background in supporting artist’s rights across creative industries, web3 fundamentals and a vision of the future for creators informed by some of the smartest people in web3” 

Mr Jeff Gluck, the CEO of  CXIP Labs himself highlighted his desire to make NFT trading easier through blockchain interoperability:

“With Holograph, our mission is to empower brands and creators across any marketplace or blockchain by building solutions that make digital asset creation and trading easier and more accessible” 

Deepen Parikh, Partner at Courtside VC who is one of the project’s major backers also supported CXIP Labs’  huge understanding of Web3.

“We’re thrilled to back the incredible team at CXIP Labs as they are building one of the most critical web3 technologies to empower and enable creators”

While David Roebuck, Principal of Wave Financial the other major backer of Holograph pointed out his faith in CEO Jeff Gluck of CXP Labs.

“We are big believers in Jeff and the team. CXIP Labs is addressing a real problem in the NFT market with their novel PA1D smart contract technology for NFT royalties. We are excited to continue to back them and co-lead the current round”

And a Bit About Jeff and CXIP Labs

Jeff Gluck and his team at CXIP Labs have been front runners in intellectual property laws for the past decade already.  They work in the law fields of art and fashion by helping artists, designers and content creators to protect their livelihoods through their expansive knowledge of property laws.  

Gluck has successfully recovered millions for his clients throughout his career and has litigated several high profile landmark artists’ rights cases.  CXIP Labs and Gluck’s next mission is to bring this level of expertise into NFTs and the web3 world by expanding artists’ rights into this new space and empowering creators.


Website; https://www.cxip.io/

Twitter; https://twitter.com/cxiplabs

Discord; discord.gg/YfnSym4QVe  


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