BeatHeadz music NFTs from Aloe Blacc and Philip Lumbang

Grammy-nominated recording artist Aloe Blacc and renowned LA street artist Philip Lumbang have teamed up for the launch of the debut “BeatHeadz” collection, at on April 21. 

The generative profile picture (PFP) collection will consist of 10,808  headphones-adorned avatars and will feature accompanying beats that the team will later airdrop to collectors.

Blacc, a strong advocate of social reform and activism, has pledged 25% of BeatHeadz’s proceeds from the initial mint’s primary sales for charities that support music education. 
The singer, who is responsible for the infectious hit songs “I Need a Dollar”, “The Man” and Avicii’s “Wake Me Up”, promises that building a strong community will be at the forefront of this NFT project.

Speaking to, Blacc said: “Great art brings people together. We look forward to offering live music VIP experiences. We also look forward to offering our own branded festivals. In whatever way music can be shared, we want to engage.”

“The big dream is to create a brand that can bring people together and help our collectors find maximum utility. My personal goal is to lead with exclusive and advanced access to music releases for our BeatHeadz community. BeatHeadz is for music lovers. And who doesn’t love music?”

The BeatHeadz story

The BeatHeadz collection will be driven by a symbolic story carefully crafted by the team, which comprises Blacc, Lumbang and co-founders Jeremy Levitan and Tom Ciszek. 
The mythology centres around eight BeatHeadz heroes, who will rescue everyone from the Negaverse, a fictional realm spawned by the ‘Muse-sick industry’ – a collection of evil, exploitative parasites.

In the story, these eight BeatHeadz are musical revolutionaries, immune to the algorithm-driven garbage churned out by the Muse-sick industry in the Negaverse. 
Their mission is to breathe life and soul back into the worldwide music scene and awaken the masses of festival-goers, whose money is being greedily extracted by the Muse-sick industry.      

These eight champion NFTs will be revealed over time, along with 16 one-of-a-kinds, ultra-rare BeatHeadz designed by Lumbang in homage to various characters, archetypes and artistic movements.

Lumbang said: “The eight BeatHeadz are the ones that found each other in the Negaverse. They went through a gauntlet to find each other. They knew that there was a way out [of] the negativity, and created a harmony so powerful [that]they created a rift to the metaverse. They have given us the power to crack the code and it is up to us to free the ones left trapped in the Negaverse.”

Blacc added: “These eight BeatHeadz are carefully crafted characters that will represent the diversity we commonly see at festivals. Every type of person from every walk of life can be found at a music festival. They represent different genres of music and different blends of genres.”

Blacc and Lumbang believe that this music NFT project will shine most in its community, which is already thriving on Discord and Twitter. Both have a strong background in community-driven projects which affect social change and BeatHeadz will be no different.

Lumpang said: “Community is the glue of BeatHeadz; it is everything we stand for. When I see our Discord booming with conversations, it really brings a smile to my face. I am very active on our Discord, because I love getting to know people and spreading the good word of BeatHeadz.”

“The more I can be a part of the community, the more it will grow. It’s not about building hype, it’s about building an active community.”

The launch of the BeatHeadz NFT collection takes place at on April 21.


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