Opera Crypto Browser now available to Apple mobile Users

Months after Android users gained the ability to access this app, Apple mobile users can now make use of Opera Crypto Browser.

Opera Web3 Browser

In January 2022, Opera launched a browser unlike anything that came before it; the Opera Web3 browser is an application that set the trend for how we approached browsers. 

Since January, Android, Windows, and Mac users have been able to access and make use of the Crypto Browser from Opera, and months later, iPhone and iPad users are joining the party.

The adoption of iOS users is the most recent step of Opera’s Crypto Browser Project. This project is a Web3-focused initiative designed to help facilitate usage and navigation across a wide range of games, Metaverse platforms, and decentralized applications (DApp).

For too long, iOS users have been on the outside looking in at others, enjoying one of the most innovative apps to be released in recent times. For Opera, the addition of iOS users is a significant milestone for the company’s crypto browser. Apple has over a billion users on its iOS network; now, these users can enjoy the app, which means more traction for Opera.

After using this app for a while, it’s evident that the Opera team put a lot of thought and effort into the product, and now Apple users can experience crypto browsing like never before.

Web3 browsing in 2022

According to Opera, the primary features of the Crypto Browser include Celo ecosystems to trade tokens and the Opera Wallet with support for Polygon and Ethereum. Additionally, users can partner with any Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible wallet with the Opera wallet.

If you visit the Opera Web3 browser’s homepage, you’ll see that users can track the latest NFT sales and enjoy the in-app news aggregator called the “Crypto Corner.” The Crypto Corner shares updates on gas fees, crypto-asset prices, airdrops, and educational resources.

Speaking recently, Jorgen Arnesen, Opera’s EVP for Mobile, had the following to say, “The Opera Crypto Browser Project was built to simplify the Web3 user experience that has often been bewildering for mainstream users. Opera believes Web3 has to be easy to use in order to reach its full potential and mass adoption.”

What does the future hold for Opera’s Web3 browser?

The app’s introduction to iOS users is a step in the right direction for the company, and a pool of potential customers out of the billion Apple users will go a long way in helping this project thrive.

The Opera Web3 browser currently supports eight of the most significant blockchain ecosystems, including Solana, Bitcoin, StarkEx, Polygon, Celo, Ronin, IXO, and Nervos Network.

The future looks bright and promising for this app, and Opera recently shared its intention to integrate more Proof-of-Stake chains as time goes on.


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