The Best NFT To Buy Right Now – Our #1 Pick For 2022

The next top NFT pick of 2022 is here, Women We Love has just now opened their mint to the public after the presale sold out and its new public holders are already seeing skyrocketing gains after minting.

Another reason this collection is making headlines is it rewards its holders by sending Ethereum back to them with its powerful sales profit sharing model.

The good news is some of its new holders are now minting the most desired NFT in the collection called “The Angel“.

These Angels are being re-listed for sale on Opensea already for an astonishing 10 ETH ($34,000), that’s 200x the original mint price of just .05 ETH ($170).

One of these “Angels” has even been spotted in the wallet of the Sandboxgame.

Minting An “Angel”

If you mint or hold an “Angel” NFT it allows its holder to share in a percentage of the secondary market profits of the entire Women We Love collection, making it very valuable indeed.

The holder receives the profit-sharing percentage via Ethereum sent directly back into their wallet which holds their Angel NFT.

Angels can be recognised by their transparent skin.

The Women We Love NFT collection has also been spotted in the wallets of some very powerful collectors like Justin Bieber, Randi Zuckerberg and also many of the holders of other popular collections.

Justin Bieber NFTs

Why Profit Sharing?

For example, another female NFT collection World Of Women has now achieved over $220 million (63,000 ETH) in secondary market sales alone. This makes profit sharing for the holders a very lucrative prospect.

The team is also progressing through the roadmap and have already airdropped random wallets and contributed to WWL the community fund to celebrate hitting the first milestone of the road map ahead of schedule.

More Holder Benefits

There are also other female traits in the collection that come with benefits to their holders and these will be revealed as the collection continues sells out in the public mint. Some of the benefits include airdrops, events and eth giveaways.

Holders Own IP Rights

Women We Love holders own the full IP over their NFT.

They can build brands, businesses and products using their NFT as the marketing base or logo.

The Team

The operations and marketing team behind the Women We Love have worked with big blockchain brands including Binance and have also been a part of many other very successful NFTs projects.

Public Minting Is Now Live At The Official Website

About – To know more about Women We Love, visit


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